Allude vs. Elude

To allude to something means to refer to it indirectly or by suggestion.To elude means to evade and escape. The words allude and elude are often confused and hence frequently misused in a sentence.

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To allude to something means to refer to it indirectly or by suggestion. It is usually used as a transitive verb. One usually alludes to something.

To elude means to evade and escape, usually (but not necessarily) through skill.

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Examples of allude

Examples of elude

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Meaning To make a reference to something indirectly or by suggestion To evade, or escape from someone or something, especially by using cunning or skill.
Part of speech Verb Verb
Example The Animal Farm alluded to the communist regime. The fugitive eluded the police for several months before his girlfriend turned him in.
Pronunciation IPA: /əˈluːd/ and SAMPA: /@"lu:d/ IPA: /ɪˈlud/ ;\ē-ˈlüd\ ; ĭ-lūd'

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