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Visual characteristics Distinct facial expressions. Wide variation in physical characteristics. Physical features of characters are, on the whole, closer to reality than cartoons. Larger eyes and smaller mouths make for a cuter style. Anticipation is key. Motion is matched to meet the path of action in these cases. Gestures are used more frequent to meet overall attitude of the characters. Has an overall unique facial expressions with characters that have different silhouettes.
Definition and Term English dictionaries define the word as ‘Japanese style of motion picture animation’. Animation that is made in the West. Whether it is North American and/or Western European. "Animation" means to bring it to life.
Length Anime tend to be to be 22-25 minutes in length per episode. Though full action anime movies most likely go far beyond that time. Varies from production.
Framerates Mostly on the 8-12 frames Varies, but on the 24-30 framerates.
Release time Anime episodes are usually released one week apart from each other. Varies from production.
Introduction (from Wikipedia) Anime (Japanese: アニメ?, [] are Japanese animated productions, and come in all formats, such as television series (such as Dragon Ball and Inuyasha, animated short films, and full-length feature films.) Western Animation address all of the production animation made in the west is not limited to Disney, Dreamworks, Fox, etc. nor is limited to two dimensional.

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Comments: Anime vs Western Animation

Anonymous comments (1)

July 5, 2013, 10:21am

western animation is indefinitely better until the majority of japanese animation SYNC THE MOUTHS WITH WHAT THEY ARE SAYING,, funny how western animation that pays homage to that style has better animation and lip sync, that's the first rule of audio, LIP SYNC, not that hard

— 68.✗.✗.251