Beats Pro vs Beats Studio

Beats Pro
Beats Studio

Beats Studio headphones by Dr. Dre have a noise-isolating feature and need batteries. Beats Pro headphones are more expensive, do not require batteries, and have a slightly better sound quality. Both use a headband and earcups in their design.

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Beats Pro

User Rating (19):
Beats Pro

Beats Studio

User Rating (19):
Beats Studio
Produced by Dr. Dre Dr. Dre
Material Metal Plastic
Sound Brighter, more bass More laid back
Noise-isolating No Yes
Weight (kg) 0.40 0.24
Length of cable (m) 1.523 1.361
Colors Black, white, red Many
Batteries No Yes, 2x AAA
Sound Output Mode Stereo Stereo
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year warranty 1 year warranty
Cost $399.95 $299.95

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Happy Headphones!
Happy Headphones!

edit Design

The Beats Pro have a metal headband and earcup holders, with thickly padded leather ear cushions. However, they put pressure on your ear after extended use. They have a sealed headphone design, blocking out outside noise. They fold for compact storage and come with a carry case.

The Beats Studio have a padded headband and leatherette earcups that swivel slightly to improve fit. However, the padding is a little stiff and requires breaking in. They are also foldable.

edit Features

The Beats Pro are not battery-powered noise-cancelling headphones, but their heavy padding reduces noise. They also have flip-up ear cups and the ability to daisy chain headphones to another set. They have a detachable audio cable with a lock and coiled cable.

The Beats Studio are noise-isolating headphones. They are therefore battery powered and require two AAA batteries to play music. They can be muted by pressing a button on the side of the headphones and have a remote control in the cord. They also include a detachable audio cable.

edit Sound Quality

The Beats Pro has more, tighter bass, with a brighter sound. Meanwhile, the Beats Studio has a more laid-back sound.

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edit Cost

Beats Pro headphones are about $100 more expensive than the Beats Studio. The MSRP for Beats Pro is $450 but they can usually be found for $400 on Amazon and other retailers.

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