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Number of wheels 2 (sometimes with training wheels) Four, usually, however smaller cars may rarely have three wheels, as with the BMW Isetta and Reliant Robin.
Pollution yes greenhouse effect gases emissions
Number of seats from 1 to 3 some have just two, some have three, some four. the majority have five. vans etc have sometimes 12. people carriers normally have 8 or 9.
Safety knee pads and elbow pads are necessary and especially a helmet Numerous safety features, high speed impacts during crash, may still prove fatal
Maximum speed 35-40 mph 140-200 mph

edit Mileage of cars vs. bikes

Bikes generally get better gas mileage than cars because they are lighter.

edit Safety of bikes vs. cars

Bikes vs. Vehicles

1) Bicycle Helmets bad for Health? Reported March 27, 2006, British Medical Journal, 2006:332:722-725; Ivanhoe Newswire  
Many doctors believe bicycle helmet laws improve, health but this view is contested in new study published in this week's British Medical Journal, by Dorothy Robinson, senior statistician at the University of New England, New South Wales, Australia. After reviewing data from countries that have legalized cyclists wearing helmets, Robinson says helmet laws discourage cycling and produce no obvious response in the percentage of head injuries. She says legislation in New South Wales increased adult use of helmets from 26 percent in 1990 to 77 percent and 85 percent in 1992. Yet, she maintains the rate of decline in head injuries did not change. Four professors of epidemiology from the United States and Canada say that Robinson's study against helmet wearing is flawed. The North American experts dismiss her argument for risk as pure speculation.

2) Risk Factors for Bicycle-Motor Vehicle Collisions at Intersections* By ALAN WACHTEL AND DIANA LEWISTON. 01/29/08   

In 1992, 722 bicyclists were killed in the United States in collisions with motor vehicles1, and an estimated 650,000 people were treated in emergency rooms for bicycle-related injuries.

Auto Hits Girl Riding Bike,; 11:38 PM Jul 12, 2008

An 8-year-old girl riding a bicycle was hit by a car Saturday evening in Bellevue.
It happened in front of the Southgate Apartments at Kansas and Nebraska Drive around 6:30 p.m. She was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but is expected to be okay.

2002 -2008

After a brief definition of a bicycle (usually a "device propelled by human power upon which a person may ride, having two tandem wheels...") the statutes address bicycles on "controlled-access" highways. For example, you cannot ride a bicycle on I-80 through Reno. Most experts agree that the most dangerous time for cyclists on public streets and highways is after dark. It is sometimes difficult to see a bike in broad daylight, but after dark without bright illumination it can be almost impossible.

4) Coexistence 3: Bikes On The Sidewalk? Stephen Box; Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Riding on the sidewalk is often falsely assumed to be a safer and more ideal place for bikes. The truth is that most cycling injuries occur to those who ride on the sidewalk. This happens for a couple of reasons. For one thing, sidewalks are in no way designed for higher speed traffic, especially in Los Angeles where sidewalks tend to be narrow and full of parking meter poles. There are of course the often unpredictable pedestrian traffic that actually belongs on the sidewalk, and is generally displeased to have bikes whizzing past them. Sidewalk riding creates the common scenario where a bike does not have time to react and slams into the side of a car and rolls over the hood. Even worse is being impacted from the side, head-on by the car. That can result in being knocked into the roadway, which can result in further injury from oncoming traffic.

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