Brian Lara vs. Sachin Tendulkar

Brian Lara
Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar (India, right-handed) and Brian Lara (West Indies, left handed) are two of the best batsmen in cricketing history.

In a critique towards the tail end of Tendulkar's test career, Mukul Kesavan writing for ESPN CricInfo contrasted the last 25 test innings of both batsmen, arguing that Tendulkar's performance in the twilight of his career diminished his otherwise long and illustrious record:

But it is the comparison with Brian Lara, by common consensus Tendulkar's greatest batting contemporary and his closest contender for the title of the best batsman of the fin de siècle, that speaks most directly to the "dying of the light" argument. Look at Lara's last 25 innings. He averaged just under 45, more than ten runs an innings better than Tendulkar [Tendulkar averaged 28], but that's almost beside the point: it is his big scores that stand out. Lara hit two centuries and two double-centuries in his last year of Test match cricket.
Teams give ageing, inconsistent geniuses the benefit of the doubt because they believe they are still capable of match-turning bursts of inspiration. Lara repaid that faith; Tendulkar hasn't.

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Brian Lara

User Rating (722):
Brian Lara

Sachin Tendulkar

User Rating (1088):
Sachin Tendulkar
Batting style Left handed Right handed
Bowling style Right-arm leg-break Right-arm leg break/off break/medium
ODI Shirt Number 9 10
Full Name Brian Charles Lara Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
ODI Not Outs 32 41
ODI Debut 9 November 1990; (v Pakistan) 18 December 1989; (v. Pakistan)
Date of Birth May 2, 1969 April 24, 1973
ODI Runs 10405 18,426
Role Batsman Batsman, part-time bowler
Sport Cricket Cricket
Country West Indies India
Test Debut 6 December 1990; (v Pakistan) 15 November 1989; (v Pakistan)
ODI Innings 289 431
ODI Matches 299 463
Test 50s 48 62
Test Centuries 34 51
Wickets (ODI) 4 159
ODI 50s 63 95
Batting Average (ODI) 40.48 45.16
ODI Centuries 19 49
Place of Birth Santa Cruz, Trinidad Mumbai (Bombay), India
Height 5 ft 8 in 5 ft 5 in
Batting Average (Tests) 52.88 56.25
Highest score (Tests) 400 not out 248 not out
Test Not Outs 6 40
Test Runs 11953 15,048
Test Innings 232 271
Test Matches 131 200
Domestic Team Prev. Trinidad and Tobago, Warwickshire, Transvaal Mumbai (prev. Yorkshire)
Highest score (ODI) 169 200 not out
ODI Double Centuries 0 1

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Comments: Brian Lara vs Sachin Tendulkar

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Anonymous comments (40)

April 27, 2014, 6:28pm

Lara and Tendulkar both score a century every 6 innings, with Lara making bigger centuries and Tendy making fewer lower scores. In terms of greater match winner, Lara averages 58 in wins minus minnows and Tendulkar averages 54 in wins minus minnows.

In Tests, Lara, against the 12 STATISTICALLY PROVEN best bowlers of the era, has scored 10200 runs at an average of 51.56. (Add Warne and it goes up to 52)

Tendulkar, against the 12 best bowlers of the era, has scored 8800 runs with an average of 47.5

He also keeps dodging the best bowlers. Tendulkar didn't face Amby or Bishop or Walsh in their prime (he faced a 35 year old, retiring Ambrose). He did not face Wasim or Waqar at their prime. He consistently ducked McGrath, whilst Lara had many epic battles vs the Aussies in their prime. Tendy, meanwhile, was average against Donald or Pollock with a 30-ish average; didn't face Gough; failure against Bond. He played well vs Steyn, but at a defensive 40 strike rate. Ultimately, Tendulkar accumulated 5000 runs at an average of 100 against mediocre bowlers in the likes of NM Hauritz (Aus); RC Irani (Eng); S Randiv (SL); JJ Krejza (Aus); Mashrafe Mortaza (Ban); AD Mullally (Eng) ; BA Murphy (Zim) ; MM Patel (Eng); KR Pushpakumara (SL) ; GR Robertson (Aus) ; IDK Salisbury (Eng) ; Shahadat Hossain (Ban) ;r BT Watambwa (Zim); GP Wickramasinghe (SL) ; PJ Wiseman (NZ)

— 92.✗.✗.176

October 9, 2013, 8:40am

I think we should not make any comparison between these two great players, indeed both are great entertainer, just enjoy the game because records cannot define the personality of a player sportsmanship is the greatest parameter, and both are really great sportsman.

— 115.✗.✗.50

September 12, 2013, 11:03pm

Apart from centuries that sachin contributed take the nervous nineties and eighties into account n then tell how many matches Sachin made India won.... As a cricketer for winning matches take those wickets of sachin n some great catches that he took so that india would win..... See the commitment in batting when he reached 190's in some 42 or 43 overs n gave strikes to dhoni who was hitting the ball well and he played just 6 or 7 balls to reach 200 in the last 7 or 8 overs.... This is commitment..... Respect the god and take the average and strike rate seriously.... Sachin did all his jobs really well and if after scoring a century your team dosent wins a match that is not the batsmen's problem..... He did it all he could have done.... Sachin is the all time greatest batsmen of this era.... N mr. Ricky ponting ur comment of calculating lara ahead of S.R.T. proves that inspite of competing Sachin for records in tests you didn't succeed and are jealous in these terms.... Somewhere deep inside your heart you know the fact that sachin is the greatest of all better than you and mr. Lara.... Thank you have a good day ahead... God bless you all.

— 37.✗.✗.219

May 12, 2014, 10:08pm

talking about bowling attacks ,Lara could never score a Century against India in ODI's.. And Mr Statistician please tell me the average of Lara against Steyn and Bond.. You must see Sachin against Warne. Sachin scored a century in Australia in 1999 when McGrath and Warne were playing. Sachin was a part of the Indian team which was starting to rise, so he had much more pressure whereas Lara was a part of a champion team which broke down in the later part of the career. Hw much does Lara averages in world cups?? What is his strike rate in ODIs ??

— 37.✗.✗.89

May 4, 2014, 1:53pm

Sachin is great and big cricketer

— 106.✗.✗.250

April 27, 2014, 6:28pm

In Tests, Sachin averages a modest 36 against Australia when McGrath plays. It is very noticeable that most of his Test runs/stellar performances against Australia have invariably come only when McGrath and Warne were absent, basically against second rate fast bowlers (Tendy's elbow injury must be taken into account too, though nobody takes into account Lara's chronic eye problem). Whenever McGrath is absent from the Australian attack, Sachin's average almost doubles.

Even McGrath's bunny - Lara - does better than Sachin against McGrath. Not to mention many double centuries.

Sachin averages 32 against South Africa whenever Allan Donald has played. Also, India-Pak never played a series for nearly 10 years (between 1989 to 99 for political reasons) during which Akram was at his absolute peak. But Akram bowled very very well in 1999 when they played each other. In any case, Tendulkar averages only 32 against Pakistan whenever Akram has played.

Against the 3 greatest fast bowlers of his era, whom he faced in more than one Test series, McGrath, Donald and Akram, Sachin has scored 1719 Test runs at a modest average of 34.3. Against Akram, McGrath and Donald, Lara amassed 3116 runs at an average of 42 at a much better strike rate than Tendulkar (Lara's Strike Rate rarely dips below 62).

Of all the Test series Sachin has played against these great fast bowlers (McGrath,Donald,Akram), more than 7 series including home and away, only once did he average more than 50 in a series, that too just barely, when he averaged 50.66 against McGrath in a 3 test series (2000-2001) at home in India. Only once was he India's best batsman in all the Test series against these bowlers.

Tendulkar's poor stats against great fast bowlers continues in ODIs. In spite of all the batsmen-favoured rules and pitches, Sachin's stats against these bowlers in ODIs is weak: a measly average of 31 (2222 runs @ 31.64) in ODIs after playing 70+ ODIs against McGrath/Donald/Akram. Only 2 of Sachin's ODI hundreds came against these bowlers (both against McGrath in the sub-continent). In 26 ODI innings against Donald, Sachin managed to cross fifty just 3 times.

Not just his average, even his strike-rate suffers against these bowlers (especially against Donald).

Once again Lara beats him hands down (2969 runs at an average of 44.81 against McGrath/Donald/Akram). And of course we all know of Lara's mega-dominance of Muralitharan at home.

Oh, and in Tests, Lara gets a man of the match award in 9 percent of his games, Tendulkar in 7 percent. In ODIs, batting 1,2,3, Lara gets a man of the match award in 28 percent of his games, Tendular 11 percent.

— 92.✗.✗.176

April 27, 2014, 6:24pm

Lara is not only better in tests, but in ODIs. Lara and Tendulkar both average 45 when opening (or batting 1,2,3) in ODI's versus all teams minus minnows (Bangladesh, Kenya and Zimbabwe). Versus the same teams, batting in position 3, Lara averages 45, Tendulkar averages only 10. Batting outside Asia in positions 1,2,3, Lara averages 44 (his average doesnt change when you remove home games) whilst Tendulkar averages only 38.

Tendulkar also needs to open and face lots of balls, whilst Lara averages 61 batting in position 6 and is much more adaptable. If he opened every game like Tendy, he'd undoubtedly have accumulated much more runs, but he moved all over the batting order to let younger players grow.

Watch about match winning? Batting 1, 2 or 3 in victories minus minnows, Tendulkar won 29 percent of ODI games, at an average of 56, while Lara won 22 percent with an average of 66, a much higher impact player. Batting 1,2 or 3 minus minnows and outside of Asia, Tendulkar won only 8 percent of ODI games at an average of 67, whilst Lara won 16 percent of ODI games at an average of 69.57. Half of Tendy's World Cup centuries are also vs minnows (Namibia, Kenya lol), whilst the other half were losses. Lara, in contrast, has the two greatest World Cup knocks vs the deadliest South African bowler ever.

— 92.✗.✗.176

February 28, 2014, 4:49pm

Lara is best.but sachin is best

— 37.✗.✗.100

February 28, 2014, 3:50am

sachin is a god of cricket not compare in any batsman plzzzz

— 37.✗.✗.237

November 26, 2013, 9:28am

sachin!!!!! end of cricket for was not movie when he played last time..but i cried for several times after watching that last speech...what we have seen is something out of this world if you know cricket and die hard fan...era of sachin is the best part of my life so you this whole world where 700crores of people living,i just want to touch you before dying!!!

— 113.✗.✗.241

November 19, 2013, 6:44am

If lara played for india he would have scored not less that 150 centuries altogether.
Because he an amazing player of spin and medium pace. In sub continent all other teams depend only on these two option. You can see what happened in his last test series in pakistan. He murdered pakistani bowlers. If had support like dravid,laxman,ganguli,sevag you culd have seen may partnership records which no one can imagine. It is hardly to find the matches where lara failed and other batsman won the match for them. In India situation is totally different. I do agree there are times when indian team was an one man army. but after 1999 it got changed. players like ganguli, dravid, laxman, sevang, yuvaraj changed the face of indian cricket. ripping through this line up your bone will crack not only india anywhere in the world. I think lara had seen more dismissal from the non striker's end than anyone else in the world. For example take his 400, apart form his 400 other top scores from team (gale 69, sarvan 90, jacobs 107). If he got support what sachin had. he would have made at least 4 quadruple centuries and not less than 50 odi hundreds in his career. If you want to wina against india you need 5 vickets(sachin, sevag , dravid , ganguli, laxman) if it is against windies you need one wicket LARA.............

— 58.✗.✗.246

September 25, 2013, 4:22pm

Sachin has 49 centuries in ODIs, not 48

— 122.✗.✗.172

May 3, 2013, 1:58am

I wouldnt pay to watch sachin make 200 but i'd pay anything to watch lara make 100

— 186.✗.✗.81

December 1, 2012, 11:44am

Do not mixup test and odi stats of these 2 players. Pitches in odi have been flat in india since ages while all countries have followed suit with very flat and true wickets. Odi records shd not be considered to justify whose great among the 2. Odi is 2nd rate cricket which restricts wicket taking ability of even great bowlers. It is limited overs, restrictive part of this game. Real cricket is test cricket where lara is much better than tendulkar. Tendu scratched around and accumulated all through his test career in order to get consistency while the trinidad prince played stylishly, aggressively and ruthlessly to achieve similar consistency. And lara did that against much better bowling attacks. WI played lot more matches vs eng, aus and sa than india did when the great aussie, saffa and english bowlers were at their pomp. While these bowlers were either injured or took rest when india toured aus, sa or eng

— 70.✗.✗.193

December 31, 2011, 4:20pm

Lara, just because he is fun to watch .. tendulkar is great but not as much fun :)

— 218.✗.✗.215

December 11, 2011, 4:50am

what pressure you guys talking about "hopes of million." This is the worst argument anyone could use for sachin.Stick to his numbers if you want to say he has better stats(and he does ) fine. Lara had more pressure because he had both on the field and off the field pressure. He was scrutinized by the caribbean ppl and he had no help(shiv became a great player after). Sachin had many great batsmen who at points were the team's best batsment ala Dravid and Sehwag. Stop your nonsense about this hopes of millions he batted knowing he was loved and that if he was out he had backup. The game is played inside the ppl crack me

— 76.✗.✗.246

November 28, 2011, 6:48am

LARA means CRICKET and CRICKET means LARA. The real HERO in the GROUND. No comparison between LARA and SACHIN as LARA is at great a HEIGHT which Sachin can't reach just by scoring some runs and playing throughout his life. LARA with a greatness in CRICKET and in PERSONALITY is UNIQUE ICON of CRICKET. LARA ROCKS!

— 122.✗.✗.180

November 25, 2011, 10:45pm

if i have to pay money to watch someone bat , that would be lara ,and definetly not sachin. lara is special , never be anyone like him again !!

— 212.✗.✗.9

November 9, 2011, 1:17pm

People got different views on their fav batsman as they wont let them down, thats fact

As per mine LARA is the best, no need to stories and stuffs...i share with below few basic points

1. Sachin is opening batsman while Lara is not , I believe if he opens the match he would hav crossed more runs than sachin in fewer matches itself

2. Whenever Sachin is crossing landmarks, either 5000 / 10000 runs he took more matches/innings than lara

3. Lara played a games in style, while sachin always played safe in counting runs

4.Sachin wont dare to hit a six when he is in 90's while lara does

5.Sachin played in a team which was good enough, n so do he enjoyed less pressure, while WI team most times depended on Lara alone

6.Lara retired soon due to many reasons including WI Cricket borad not favoring towards him

7. People compare Lara s personal life with sachin ( which is shit / as per me if u born in western country ur char wll be diffrnt for sure than indian culture, even if sachin born in other countries u cant say his char/nature wll be same as whts he is in got diffrnt life style, so pls dont compare t n its utter shit )

8.Stylish cricket alwys goes with lara than sachin, and u can see urself sachin always stepd a place second which was already crossed by lara

9.Sachin got too much runs now and i accept it fr sure, n u should keep in mind the number of games he plays still without retirn n givin others a chance ( If Lara been played the same number of matches sachin did till date, he would be too high which sachin will take another couple of years to cross it )

10. Rare to see a person like LARA who walks off when he knows he's out, even f umpire stands still wihout raising hands ( He would walk off even in crucial match , if he knows he s caught behind )

11. Sachin is best too I agree as he s someone who had/has his great career best,
but I can say Sachin is narrowly hehind Lara , both are legnds......if me a judge i would rank sachin bit next to Lara wit minor few less points

— 203.✗.✗.237

July 19, 2011, 8:16am

Those who says SRT is more consistent than BCL. I have point to make. In the world cricket ICC provides rating to every batsman after their performance in matches based on opposition, conditions, etc,. So lets look on it:
1. BC Lara slipped below 700 rating barrier just for 1 match (692) after crossing 700 mark for the first time in his 16 match. (It means in the span of 115 matches just once)
2. SR Tendulkar slipped below 700 rating barrier for 21 matches (lowest 641) after crossing 700 mark for the first time in his 29 match.
In total of 131 matches BCL was below 700 mark for 16 matches i.e. 12% of his entire career
In total of 177 matches SRT was below 700 mark for 49 matches i.e. 28% of his entire career

Lets see the average rating of their entire career.
In total of 131 matches BCL has average rating of 784. (third all time best after Bradman 855 & Hobbs 799 And all time best in the group of 100 tests played.)
In total of 177 matches SRT has average rating of 732.

— 117.✗.✗.140

December 11, 2010, 3:35pm

lara has 9 200s, sachin has 6.
3 of lara's 200 r against australia in presence of mcgrath n warne,2 in australia 1 at home.
2 are against england both world record.
2 against srilanka in presence of murali n vaas, 1 in srilanka 1 at home.
1 against south africa in south africa.
1 against pakistan in pakistan.
2 of sachin's 200 r against bangladesh n zimbawe.
2 r against australia in absence of mcgrath n warne.
1 is against srilanka in absence of murali n vaas.
1 is against newzealand of 90's that too in india.
lara has 19 150+ scores among 34 centuries,2 more than 50%.
sachin has 20 150+ scores among 49 centuries at this point,5 less than 50%.
lara demolished murali in his own den,scoring 688 in 3 matches.
lara has played more match winning innings than sachin in test matches.
lara never had the luxury of great batting line up that sachin have.
lara was more attacking n sublime in strokeplay.

— 116.✗.✗.2

April 23, 2014, 2:46pm

mervellous sachin and his stupendous carrier

— 141.✗.✗.80

December 13, 2013, 6:38am

Golden era of cricket ends as the last and greatest cricketer bids adieu after his contemporaries said goodbye in order Lara,Dravid,Laxman & Ponting.
I don't think there will be someone who fill these big boots.
2-0 defeat in ODI against SA was known & become haptual of following test defeats: 5-0 in England,2014
4-0 in Australia,2014 and also World Cup defeat in group stage. We are no.1 ODI side just because of playing at home,flat pitches and weak sides.Beating Australia 3-2 shows that Aussies can beat us at our own den but we are whitewashed at their den.
Virat,Dhawan,Rohit and Dhoni can score and win only at home.
Ask them tot score at Perth,Centurion,Oval etc where the greats dominated not above said donkeys.
Above said cowards have scored their each and every ton on dead rubber and their leader Dhoni has not scored a ton away from indian subcontinent.
How rubbish we are to think that indian cricket in safe hands.

— 37.✗.✗.148

November 23, 2013, 8:51pm

Lol I dunno whether to laugh or feel pretty on you guys. I won't compare these legends and they are truly great. I do agree Lara is Stylish and more Amazing that Sachin. I would prefer someone who makes 40-50 all match than someone who hits 300-400 and then never plays in the entire series. Tell me one series wherein Lara played well on most of the matches except the Aussie series? Wherein there are too many matches wherein Sachin scored atleast 40+ on each match.

This doesn't mean that I am against Lara and supporting Sachin. I mean to say that they are great players from different continent and they have played extraordinary cricket based on their requirements.

I heard many commenting that Sachin played lot of matches home and I would say home conditions are always good for each player. South African feels more comfy playing back home same with Lara and Sachin. Never say that Sachin plays on a flat track and Lara on a tough hard track booo booo just shut it up.

If you ask me both are great players and I love watching both. Instead of comparing start enjoying and pay some respect dudes.

— 103.✗.✗.13

August 5, 2013, 12:04pm

Definitely yes, both are class batsman. If one needed to be choosen, It is surely LARA. I always find him the most stylish, dependable, and the match winner. Sachin is also a great batsman, but when compared to Lara, he always stands second. I am not sure why Sachn would loose confidence when he reached 90 + runs. His strike rate used to dip. He used to take 70 balls to reah 90 and scored 100 after playing more than 100 balls. Why you need 40 balls to score 10 runs. There are hardly any boundaries in 90 - 100 for Sachin. It is exactly opposite to Lara. Remember, Lara while breaking Hayden's 385, reached 390 by hitting a six and a boundary of Micheal Vaughan from 380. That's confidence on own abilities, which is less with Tendulkar after playing cricket for half of his life. Popularity wise Sachin is more popular than Lara, thanks to the Billion people of India and multiple news papers and channels (media) in India who always keep on praising Sachin (Playing or Not). Sports channels always showing Tendulkar tons, as if he is the only century scoring batsman. I even find Dravid and Laxman better pressure handlers and dependable than Tendulkar. People who are speaking about the greatness of Sachin are nothing but more passionate about him and are typical Indians. Real cricket understanders and lovers always thought Lara is far far far far great batsman than Sachin Tendulkar.....

— 59.✗.✗.67

July 18, 2013, 9:39am

Simple comparison bringin them on an equal when dey both were playing the best of bowlers in the world cricket...
Sachin took 5 years to score a century while Lara had hit 4 centuries already.
Lara centuries 16 match winners out of 19 (sccored once against kenya n bangla n rest again t best teams).
Sachin centuries 33 match winners out of 49 (kenya 3, zim 5, nam 1, ban 1)---- lara wins again.
The reason for losing these century matche by Sachin was his low strike rate (below 100) is just not acceptable.
So Lara have played the best of the bowlers and have played great...
Lara is way ahead to Sachin cz he stood great and played well in difficult circumstances n situations n against better playing countries.

— 27.✗.✗.148

May 27, 2013, 6:45pm

Guys,Dont Compare sachin and lara.I really enjoyed by seeing sachin shots and the way he attacks the bowelrs when situation demands.See how he play that leg glance,straight drive,flick.Really lara cannot entertain like sachin.

— 14.✗.✗.24

April 29, 2013, 9:57am

Brian Lala es sadi ke mahantam Batsman hai.... sachin tendulkar bhi un ke samne chota bachcha hai......

— 117.✗.✗.182

January 5, 2013, 5:09pm

chalo uper sab ne jo lara ki tarif ki na unko ab main batata hun ki sachin sir great kaise hai.... lara ne khele hai 5 world cups jinmese usne ek me bhi performance nahi kiya hai jisse west indies semifinal to kya qurter final me bhi pahuncha ho... lara ne bas australia ke khilaf khela hai aur weak england team se.. lakin sachin sir ne na ki sirf australia srilanka england pakistan southafrica in sab ke saath khela hai aur sab se jayda acha khela hai... kya lara lara karte ho dhakkan log.. ek inning se koi acha player nahi banta... sachin ne hamesha khela hai... 1990's ka to jamana yaad hoga he sab ko jaise he sachin out to india match har jati thi... lakin lara ke bare me aisa kabhi nahi kaha gaya aur na kabhi kaha jayega... aur sachin ko selfish kahene valon lara khud ek bahot bada selfish hai tabhi to vo hayden ka record break karne ke liye 400 runs banate waqt 3 n half dayz tak khela ttaki uska record ban jaye... to ab mujhe batao kon selfish hai...

— 117.✗.✗.195

September 10, 2012, 4:42am

sachin the the best bestman, bolwer, & tem manage

— 120.✗.✗.107

November 23, 2011, 11:14am

Sachin is GOD OF CRICKET,Don Bradman accepted it ,So please calm ...........,and lara accepted sachin is best bats man ever

— 202.✗.✗.2

November 13, 2011, 10:12am

Honestly, I am no supporter of comparison between great players. They are just great.
But, I would like to tell these naive cricket fans commenting here to broaden their sense of cricket and then talk.
It is just an example (I am supporting neither Tendulkar nor Lara):
"Sachin is opening batsman while Lara is not , I believe if he (Lara) opens the match he would hav crossed more runs than sachin in fewer matches itself"..

---Ohh really, how do you know that Lara "would have" done that. Are you a fortune teller? This is nonsense. You do not even know that it is always more difficult to open (balls swinging, best bowlers bowling) than to bat at no. 4. Now your argument would be...there is more pressure on no.4 batsman. Another nonsense...An opener has more pressure of accelerating run rate when 2 batsmen have got out than for someone who has come to crease after those 2 batsmen. Now, you would say...a player coming in at no. 4 gets lesser balls. Another nonsense....Just check how many times Lara has gone not out. Now you would say something else, and I would again give a counter- reply.

So, someone would say Lara is great but Sachin is the greatest, other would say Sachin is great but Lara is better. But, why not let them both be just great and stop these heaps of nonsense debates....huhhhhh

— 202.✗.✗.239

November 10, 2011, 7:37am

Lara is always batting god of cricket fans. He is a big match winner.i am a district cricket player,watching cricket from 1989 and i have watched old cricket like that ricards,srikanth,botham and etc. In my view of points lara always best than tendulkar.

— 122.✗.✗.194

June 26, 2011, 4:10am

Good Finisher: Lara is better.
Sachin is an opening batsman, lara is not. This answers the above question.

Consistency: Sachin is better
Though he opens the innings, he has performed consistently; there is always a billion expecting him to perform consistently.

Lara is a better test batsman, he has the ability to play long innings but Sachin is the GOD in ODI format.
You should also remember that Lara had Walsh, Ambrose kind of bowlers to defend his team and win matches.
Lara didnt have the trouble to face Ambrose and Walsh :-)

It is crap to speak that if Hayden had played five years in advance before he started his career, he would have surpassed everyone. My question is
Playing 20 yrs and being consistent is what matters. There is no point in dreaming what if he had done that. Fact/Records speak about oneself.

Also, Lara dominated every nation except India. He failed to score a century against India in ODI.
Sachin is a also a bowler whereas Lara is not.

— 173.✗.✗.87

May 9, 2011, 5:03pm

obviously brian lara is a great great match winner, but u can not let tendulkar down by saying only about lara's 153(indeed that was one of the best innings I have ever seen). Because tendulkar also has some great inningses under pressure like 103 against England on a 5th day Indian soil(West Indian wickets are batting paradise). And tendulkar has played numerous match-saving inningses for India(his first hundred in test cricket is one of the leading examples). And in Oneday cricket tendulkar is just miles and miles ahead in records or even in wining matches for the country. In earlier 90s tendulkar also didnt have much support it was pretty much one man show, in world cups he is just above all. And if u tell about killing the lions in their den, tendulkars 6 hindreds are in Australia and in srilanka also he has scored hundred consistently not just a single series show. Lara was a failure in T20, tendulkar has surpassed him there also,and longivity is outstanding, so tendulkar rules!

— 117.✗.✗.90

March 13, 2011, 4:54am

Lara might have a compareable test record with Tendulkar but LARA's ODI record esp in important matches is poor. He has very pathetic WC avg very poor tournament finals avg wheras TENDULKAR's finals avg & WC avg is 55 + which is astounding. Besides LARA's huge test innings with lower avg than SACHIN indicate LARA's inconsistency. Now coming to Technique, Lara continuously got bowled or lbw against pace. Lara would capitalize only against spin. Tendulkar attacks both pace and spin as he is opener. LARA had the support of World's finest bowlers i.e. AMBROSE & WALSH for most of his career. He never had to chase 350+ runs. If WI scored 250 that would have been winning total. LARA won lot of test matches bcz test matches are won by taking 20 wickets and WALSH & AMBROSE could easily take 20 wickets. After Walsh & Ambrose era even LARA's 400 couldn't win that match and LARA's 700 runs vs SL resulted in 3 nil white wash. Sachin's most 100's resulted in a draw bcz that is all a btsman can do.

— 98.✗.✗.8

January 17, 2011, 2:01pm

Please visit this site link

U can understand that sachin also played well in pressure situations......

— 125.✗.✗.13

December 15, 2010, 7:43pm

No doubt both are great players, when compared with the public support it goes to sachin as he needs to perform always which runs on his mind, else the public criticises, on the other hand lara had no such pressure from his own crowd as they accept what it comes, this makes sachin the best which was lauded by the great lara himself as if he had in sachins shoes he would have not performed the same, let us accept the fact rather than numbers with mental vengeance

— 115.✗.✗.81

May 12, 2010, 5:09am

Lara is a great batsman i agree, but he lost his wicket in very important one day matches (even he was not a captain at that time). Let us talk about consistency Lara is not a consistent player, Tendulkar is a consistent player. If Tendulkar failed in a series he will spark in the next series. But Lara, failed in many series continuously. Batting style, classical shots both are excellent players. Sachin Tendulkar is little bit higher than Lara all the time. Only match situations decides playing in a pressure. I never agree Tendulkar can't play in pressure situation, his sharja series is a very good example to break this point.

— 147.✗.✗.4

April 30, 2010, 11:02am

Brian lara is one of the best finisher in all formats. but sachin its a big question mark. you can see so many examples. In 1999 when lara scored 153* west indies won the match by one wicket. when they need 97 runs to win the match they had only two wickets in hand ( ie ambrose and walsh) he single handedly finished the match. sachin is not like that. he can score runs but he is not a good finisher.

— 115.✗.✗.146


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