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Appears in The Gospels and the Koran (Qur'an) The Mahabharata
Ethnicity Palestinian Jew Indian
Raised in Nazareth in ancient Israel Gokul/Dwarika
Role in Godhead Second Person of the Christian Trinity Avatar of Vishnu (God as preserver of the universe), one of the gods on the Hindu Trimurti.
Born in Bethlehem in Judea Mathura
Foster father St. Joseph Nanda
Foster mother N/A Yashoda
Birth mother The Virgin Mary Devaki
Cause of death Crucifixion Arrow shot by a hunter, thinking to be a bird.
Father God the Father according to Christianity Vasudeva, king of Mathura
Hinduism N/A An avatar of Vishnu.
Chief rival The devil (a satan) Kansa, king
Incarnation Affirmed in Christianity Affirmed in Hinduism
Siblings This is debated between Catholics and Protestants. In Catholicism, The "brothers and sisters of Our Lord", that are listed in the Gospels were His cousins. Eg: St. James, the "brother of Our Lord," is identified as "the son of Alpheus." Balaram (foster brother), Subhadra (sister)

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