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Founder Jesus,Peter and Paul Kong Qiu (Confucius)
Place of worship Church, chapel, cathedral, basilica, home bible study, personal dwellings. Temple.
Concept of Deity Believe in the Trinity. Three persons in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit Most believe in One God.
Practices Prayers, sacraments (some branches), worship in church, reading of the Bible, acts of charity, communion. Visit to temples to pay homage to Ti'en(God or Heaven), Confucius, and ancestors; To practice ('Jing zuo, ') or 'Quiet Sitting
Place of origin Jerusalem China
Scriptures The Holy Bible, a collection of canonical books in two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. Analects of Confucius and Mencius; I Ching; Doctrine of Mean, etc.
Life after death Man is appointed to die once, and then face judgment. Those who believe live on in heaven, while those that rejected God suffer eternity in hell. After the culmination of the events of the Book of Revelation all believers shall be bodily resurrected. To be worshipped as ancestors.
Time of origin Approx. 33 AD. Approx. 550 B.C.E.(Before Common Era)
Use of statues and pictures Used in Catholicism Orthodox Christianity; statuary is not used in most Protestant denominations. Statues are not worshiped but looked to as a point of focus in prayer and meditation. Permitted.
Literal Meaning Christ means "the anointed" or "Messiah". A Christian is a believer in Christ. A believer is also called and known as a saint in Protestant branches. Disciple of Confucius.
Status of women Can become nuns in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches and may be priests in Protestant churches. The Bible states that men and women have different roles but are not inferior. Women are equal to men in modern times. Socially inferior to men.
Clergy Priests, Monks, Bishops, Pastors, president. depending on denomination Bureaucrats.
Human Nature Man has inherited "original sin" from Adam. Mankind then is inherently evil and is in need of forgiveness of sin. By knowing right and wrong Christians choose their actions. Humans are a fallen, broken race in need of salvation and repair by God. Humans should respect those who are superior to them.
Goal of religion To love God and obey his commandments while creating a relationship with Jesus Christ and spreading the Gospel so that others may also be saved. To have a structured society.
Status of Adam Adam was the first man created by God. He fell into temptation and brought sin and death to the human race. N/A.
Branches Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Han Confucianism; Neo Confucianism; Contemporary Confucianism; Japanese Confucianism; Korean Confucianism; Vietnamese Confucianism; Boston Confucianism.
Belief of God One God: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit One God. Ancestors also worshipped, though.
Principle God created man. Man sinned and fell under its curse. God redeems sinful man through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Those that He redeems, He regenerates them and they become "born-again". Confucianism all about the brotherhood of humanity.
Holy days/Official Holidays Christmas (birth of Jesus), Good Friday (death of Jesus), Sunday (day of rest), Easter (resurrection of Jesus). Chinese New Year, Teacher Day, Ancestor Day.
Second coming of Jesus Affirmed, No one knows the date of return not even Jesus, only the Father. N/A.
Original Language(s) Hebrew, Aramaic, Koine Greek Mandarin or Cantonese
Views on the afterlife Heaven or Hell. May do temporal time in Purgatory. To be worshipped by one's descendants and their families.
Death of Jesus Death by crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension to heaven. Will return. N/A.
Holy days Sunday, Christmas, Holy Week & Easter, Pentecost, Saints' Feast Days Chinese New Year, Teacher Day, Ancestor Day.
Geographical distribution and predominance Europe, North & South America, Australia & New Zealand. Asia.
Goal of Philosophy Objective reality. Worship of God who created life, the universe, and is eternal. Christianity has its own philosophy, found in the 66 books of the Bible. Social Harmony.
Concept of God Eternal, uncreated, triune, Single and unique, Creator of life and the universe, righteous, just, merciful. All-knowing, everywhere present. One God.
View of the Buddha N/A. Buddha is followed by many Confucianists.
Views on other religion Christianity is the True Faith. Sees no contraction in following more than one religion.
Offshoot religions Rastafarianism,Universalism, and Deism, and Masonry. Cao Dai.
Promised Holy one. Second Coming of Christ Coming of the Superior Man or Perfect Gentleman.
Original Languages Aramaic, Latin, and Greek Mandarin or Cantonese
View of other Oriental religions N/A. Usually follows other Oriental religions, especially Taoism.
Authority of Pope Leader and overseer of the Catholic Church. his authority is completely rejected by Protestants, and is viewed by Orthodox as first among equals. Orthodox and Protestants reject Papal infallibility and Papal supremacy. N/A.
Status of Muhammad False Prophet with wrong Ideas about God and Jesus, and the Bible. N/A.
Resurrection of Jesus Affirmed N/A.
Position of Mary She is the Mother of God, and is highly honored in Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican (Episcopalian), and Lutheran Christianity. Most Protestants do not honor the Virgin Mary. N/A.
View of other Dharmic religions N/A. Confucianists usually follow Buddhism, which is a Dharmic religion.
Virtue(s) in which religion is based upon Love. Respect.
Use of statues, images some denominations regard It as forbidden and Idolatry. Anglicans and Lutherans allow pictures but forbid venerating them. Catholics encourage pictures and statues and venerate them. Orthodox encourage pictures and venerate them. Permitted.
Names of God God, Gud, Gott, Deo, Dios. Jehovah, YHWH, Eli Elohim, Allah, (depending on language Christians are of every language and culture around the world) Ti'en, Shang Ti.
Followers Christian (follwers of Christ) Confucianists
Can atheists partake in this religion's practices? No. Yes.
Status of Vedas N/A. N/A.
imams identified as N/A. N/A.
Position of Abraham Father in Faith. N/A.

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April 1, 2014, 11:07pm

thanks so much this really helped me!

— 65.✗.✗.64

October 21, 2013, 12:03am

Stay Christian
She will come around if she loves you too
Jesus is the only way God bless

— 98.✗.✗.168

March 24, 2011, 3:53pm

hi i am a christian young man...n i am trying to seek help on whether i should continue dating a catholic woman..i love her to death n the only thing that is slowing us down is our religion, some how i feel i should continue just bcause we connect like that...but then again it gets to me will i become a catholic too...or should i stay christian...i mean i do love her n this is the point where i make a decision...she wants me to follow her way...but then again what about my way...should i have a saying in this...or just go along with...i am just confuse on whether we should go forth in our relationship...cause in the end i want to live my life as a holy man n a follower of jesus christ....

— 207.✗.✗.17

November 22, 2010, 11:46am

Love God and your neighbor as yourself is a process requiring a person to know himself, to know why he re-enacts, recreates his life in patterns wasting energy, separating himself from his true nature and from God. Gospel of Thomas says if you know what is inside you it can help you; if you don't know what is inside you it can kill you. Christ came to the earth, sacrificed from deity to mankind, in order to lead us, instruct us to the truth. When mankind murdered Christ, God through Christ sent the Holy Spirit to counsel us, and to send us to teachers, counselors, physicians of the soul to teach us the non violent kingdom of God is Gtotally separate from the vilolent kindom of man. Whenever the spoken or written word deviates from that principle, whenever it separates us from the non violent God it's not from the Holy Spirit; when it connects to God, moves to make us whole it is of the Holy Spirit.

— 174.✗.✗.234

October 9, 2011, 8:54pm

Just convert to catholocism. It will be a lot easier on you.

— 98.✗.✗.231
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