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Duvet and comforters are forms of blankets or quilts taken as protection from the cold. The differences between a comforter and a duvet lie in the material they are made of and their usage.

A comforter is a thick, quilted, fluffy blanket intended to keep the user warm. It is usually filled with synthetic fiber filler. A Duvet is a type of bedding - a soft flat bag traditionally filled with down or feathers, or a combination of both and used on a bed as a blanket.

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What is it? A form of blanket A form of bedding or a blanket
Use As a blanket As a bedding and a blanket
Size Larger than the bed size Equal to the bed size
Filling Polyester, down Feathers, down
Washing Can be washed Should not be washed. Duvet covers are sold separately, and can be washed.
Care No extra care Needs care as it can lose its insulation.

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A Granny Comforter
A Granny Comforter

edit Differences in Usage

While a comforter is used only as a blanket to keep one warm, a duvet is also used as bedding. It is a single piece that serves as both bedding and blanket.

While a comforter only forms one part of bed linen, it is always used to cover oneself. Other bed linen like bed sheets, bed covers, quilts etc. are needed to be used along with a comforter. Comforters go on top of the traditional sheets. In case of a Duvet, no other bed linen is needed. Duvet is a single piece that serves the purpose of both and solves the complexity of making a bed.

edit Filling in a Comforter vs Duvet

While a duvet is traditionally filled with feathers or down, these days they are also filled with silk, wool or artificial fibers. Comforters are filled with layers of material such as polyester batting, down feathers, wool, or silk. The comforter is stitched or quilted to secure the filling and keep it evenly distributed.

edit Differences in Washing and Care

A comforter is generally used as it is and hence can be washed. A duvet is sometimes placed in a duvet cover and used, hence the duvet cover is washed separately. The duvet is not washed as it is generally made of natural materials which can get damaged.

edit Size of a duvet vs a comforter

Comforter sizes correspond with bed sizes: twin, full, queen, King and Cal King. They can run slightly larger than actual bed sizes to allow for draping over the sides of the bed. It may fall around 3/4 of the way down towards the floor from the bed. Duvets are typically smaller in size and come in line with the actual bed size as it is supposed to snug on the whole bed.

edit Cost comparison

A Duvet is generally more expensive than a comforter as the former serves the purpose of bedding as well as blanket. It saves the cost of other things like bed sheets and quilts etc. So duvet is priced higher than a comforter.

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July 25, 2012, 2:33am

I have always had comforters, growing up in a very low wage home i often got them from a goodwill or other charity store. Recently i have been shopping for some new bedding for my room and i've come across Duvet covers everywhere and very expensive duvets themselfs. I would love one they sound as if they are very comfy. Although one thing does bother me. I love having sheets and blankets( which you almost always need with a comforter for the fact they are more for warmth than actual comfort). I live in the south and as you could think it gets quite hot here even at night so i find it easier to just push my comforter to the side and sleep up just a sheet and in the winter cuddle under my comforter and stay nice in warm. Honestly i don't know if i could say which is better, duvets and duvet covers are very expensive but sound like a good product while comforters are cheep and easy but involve using sheets and blankets. To everyone's opinion which is the better product and why?

— 74.✗.✗.205

April 19, 2012, 9:40pm

The silly Americans who posted on 4-23-11 and 6-11-08 are way wrong. Duvet *is* comforter. It means "down" is French. Duvet cover is like a sack for the duvet, and is what you wash weekly. You *don't* use a top sheet or a blanket. Simple, extremely comfortable. Source: Almost all of Europe the U.K.

— 65.✗.✗.110

October 27, 2011, 12:55pm

In the UK and Europe, they do not use a top sheet generally and only use the duvet. They do use teh fitted sheet on the bed. It is great!

— 69.✗.✗.211

April 23, 2011, 4:18am

You still need sheets with a duvet, I don't know where the notion of not needing ''linens'' comes from? Lol and a slipcover for a duvet is a duvet cover, Comforters are generally use care and do not require ''covers''. If you buy a duvet some are machine washable but,you'll want to limit how often.Also many duvets are white so a cover to protect and be able to remove and wash easily is ideal. I reccomend a duvet as they are extremly comfortable. Cost range for a decent regular full sized one is approx $50-$120 well worth it if you can afford it. Also for those who suffer from allergies or are uncomfortable with the idea of real feathers, there are many synthetic feather options.

— 206.✗.✗.184

June 11, 2008, 2:08am

Actually, a duvet is a slipcover for a comforter.

— 76.✗.✗.64
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