Diffen's logo was designed by Design Commission, a user experience and product design firm in Seattle. It has been in use since December 2013.

The intersecting shapes and colors in Diffen's logo reflect the similarities and differences between things. The difference in size of the intersecting shapes also represents contrast. Diffen is the world's best and largest collection of unbiased comparisons. Diffen's logo stands for all facets of comparisons and contrast.

On Oct 20, 2016 MetLife launched a refresh of their brand identity. They got rid of the iconic characters from Peanuts including their brand mascot Snoopy. Their new logo is very similar to Diffen's, as illustrated by this side-by-side comparison:

A comparison of the logos of MetLife (launched Oct 2016) and Diffen (launched Dec 2013).
A comparison of the logos of MetLife (launched Oct 2016) and Diffen (launched Dec 2013).

MetLife's logo represents the letter M. They claim they chose the colors so that (a) the blue would carry over from their old logo, although this is a different blue compared to their old logo; and (b) the green would represent life and energy.[1]

MetLife has come under criticism for the similarity. Here are two articles discussing the story:

Coincidence or theft? MetLife's new logo is nearly identical to Diffen's - Campaign

Lehmann [Christopher Lehmann, managing director at Landor, a San Francisco-based branding identity and design agency] said he believes the Diffen identity is designed better than MetLife’s. He said, "There’s a little more sophistication around the shapes and the typography and even the relationships between the two."

MetLife’s new logo looks awfully familiar - New York Post

“...we are unbiased,” Nick Jasuja, Diffen’s founder, told The Post. “I don’t want to seem like we are sponsored by a corporate entity.”

Trademark Registration

MetLife filed for registration of the new mark in 2016. On February 16, 2017, Diffen filed its notice of opposition to MetLife's application. The USPTO has notified MetLife of this opposition.

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