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Green Party
Independent Party

The Green Party and the Independent Party are both much smaller rivals to the two main political parties in the United States - the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

The Greens have been active as a third party in the United States since 2001. The party first gained widespread public attention during Ralph Nader's presidential runs in 1996 and 2000. Currently, the primary national Green Party organization in the U.S. is the Green Party of the United States, which has eclipsed the earlier Greens/Green Party USA.

There are several Independent Parties in the United States. Among them are:

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Green Party

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Independent Party

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Economic views Green party thinks that there should be higher wages and taxes should remain the same andnot increase
Introduction (from Wikipedia) A Green party or ecologist party is a formally organized political party based on the principles of Green politics. These principles include environmentalism, reliance on grassroots democracy, nonviolence, and social justice causes, including those r
About An Indepentent is often one who supports whichever party appeals to their ideals at the time. Their support relies on the specific candidates/issues.
Philosophy Not affiliated with any major party
Economic Ideas Vaires from person to person
Stand on Military issues Varies
Stand on Death penalty Varies
Stand on abortion Varies
Stand on gay marriage Varies
Social and human ideas Varies
Traditionally strong in states Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada
Symbol None
Color White

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