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Place of origin Arabian Peninsula. Japan
Place of worship Mosque/masjid, any place which is considered clean by Islamic standards. Shrines.
Practices Five pillars: Testament that there is one God and Muhammad is his messenger (shahadah); prayer five times daily; fast during Ramadan; charity to the poor (zakat); pilgrimage (Hajj). Visit to shrines to pay homage to Shinto deities; Shamanism, etc.
Life after death A Muslim and all the beings will be accountable to Allah on the Day of Judgement. Yomi
Concept of Deity God (Allah) is the only god and is all-powerful and omniscient. Numerous deities. The sun is one of the most important ones(they believe that the sun is a goddess).
Belief of God Only one God. Numerous deities.
Use of statues and pictures Muslims are not permitted to depict the image of God nor any prophet. Permitted.
Clergy Imam leads congregational prayer in a mosque. Sheikh, Maulana, Mullah and Mufti Priests, miko, etc.
Belief Belief in one God,who has sent messengers with revelation and guidance for humanity so they may be guided to Islam (submission to God) & who have came with both good news and a warning, the last & final messenger being Muhammad صلى الله علي Shinto is both a religion and way of life of Japan. Numerous kami (gods/goddesses/spirits).
Concept of God Ninety nine names and attributes of Allah (God) who is infinite supreme, Sublimely one, all are dependent on him yet he depends on none. Self sufficient. without beginning and without end, and there is nothing comparable to him. Numerous deities.
View of Oriental religions All Religions were given the book and are people of the book but are FALSE religions Although Shinto became organized, in order to prevent being overtaken by Buddhism or any other religion, it sees no contradiction in belonging to any other religion.
Means of salvation Belief in one God, remembrance of God, repentance, fear of God and hope in God's mercy. By serving the Kami.
About Islam consists of individuals who believe in Allah, a deity whose teachings its followers—Muslims—believe were recorded, verbatim, by the god's last prophet, Muhammad. Refers to the indigenous religion of Japan. With Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism entering into Japan, the Japanese wanted to ensure that their older religious traditions were preserved, so they named it, and made it the official religion of Japan.
Definition Islam is an Arabic word for "Submission or surrender in Ultimate Peace".Muslim means a believer in One God (Al-Illah or Allah) Way of the gods.
Angels Angels are created from light and remain unseen as they worship and follow God's commands. Shintoists worship numerous spirits, called Kami.
Second coming of Jesus Affirmed N/A.
Original Languages Arabic. Japanese.
Position of Abraham A great Prophet. N/A.
View of Dharmic religions Extremely false and corrupted Buddhism is practiced by most Shintoists.

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