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This is a comparison of the principles, teachings and philosophy of Islam and Sikhism.

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Place of origin Arabian Peninsula. Punjab, in an area which was partitioned into modern-day Pakistan. Sikhs are now predominant in Indian-Punjab.
Place of worship Mosque/masjid, any place which is considered clean by Islamic standards. Gurdwara for congregational worship. Anyone may enter a Gurdwara, however-no matter their faith, caste, or skin color. Personal worship can be done in any place at any time. God resides in everything and everyone.
Practices Five pillars: Testament that there is one God and Muhammad is his messenger (shahadah); prayer five times daily; fast during Ramadan; charity to the poor (zakat); pilgrimage (Hajj). Daily prayers. The three pillars of Sikhism are: a) To remember God at all times which includes being thankful to God for what you have been given, b) To live your life honestly/with integrity and c) Sharing what you have with those less fortunate.
Life after death A Muslim and all the beings will be accountable to Allah on the Day of Judgement. A constant cycle of reincarnation until enlightenment is reached. Sikhs believe that there are 8,400,000 forms of life and that many souls have to travel though a number of these before they can reach Waheguru. The goal is to merge with God.
Use of statues and pictures Muslims are not permitted to depict the image of God nor any prophet. Not allowed as considered Idolatry. Pictures of the Sikh Gurus are considered Idolatry and are not accepted from a religious perspective. Gurus maybe praised because they are equivalent to God.
Clergy Imam leads congregational prayer in a mosque. Sheikh, Maulana, Mullah and Mufti The Granthi is appointed as one take care of Guru Granth Sahib besides No clergy. Raagi who sings the Granth Sahib Baani in Respective Raagas.
Definition Islam is an Arabic word for "Submission or surrender in Ultimate Peace".Muslim means a believer in One God (Al-Illah or Allah) Disciple, student or learner of God.
Angels Angels are created from light and remain unseen as they worship and follow God's commands. N/A
Principle Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One, Allah , the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent." - Quran: Surah Al Ikhlas The worship of the One God through prayer and devotion. Sikhs are required to meditate on God's name to clear their mind and eliminate the 5 evils. Meditation is also used to bring oneself closer to God.
Means of salvation Belief in one God, remembrance of God, repentance, fear of God and hope in God's mercy. Worship God, do Good Deeds in the name of God, performing service for community. Fight 5 evils (5 sins) - Greed, Ego, Attachment, Anger, and Lust. Meditate, pray, and improve your relationship with God and God will forgive, cleanse, and save you.
Status of Adam Free from all major sins and faults. Adam is the first prophet and man on earth as sent by Allah and he is the father of Humanity, and Muhammad is the last prophet in Islam. Only God knows who was created first and who will be created last. Most likely the first Guru on earth as a fish form.
About Islam consists of individuals who believe in Allah, a deity whose teachings its followers—Muslims—believe were recorded, verbatim, by the god's last prophet, Muhammad. A Religion spread by 10 Gurus to preach to worship one creator
Second coming of Jesus Affirmed Irrelevant
Religious Law Sharia law, or law that is loosely or strictly based on the Qur'an, exists in many countries that have a majority Muslim population. Only some regions with sharia law apply it to judicial or criminal issues. No necessary laws but a sikh may follow the 3 rules of their life such as 1)Naam Japna 2)Vand K Shakhna 3)Kirat Karna.
Ressurection of Jesus Denied because his death is denied. God raised Jesus to him and he will return before end of time. N/A
Day of worship Prayer five times daily is obligatory. Friday is the day of congregational prayer, obligatory for men, but not for women. Every day Sikhs worship the one God at their homes, even with or without a Gurdwara service.
Belief of God Only one God. Monotheism
Concept of God Ninety nine names and attributes of Allah (God) who is infinite supreme, Sublimely one, all are dependent on him yet he depends on none. Self sufficient. without beginning and without end, and there is nothing comparable to him. Self Created, Indestructible, Unborn, Creater of Universe, Guru Nanak is God and Manifest.
Position of Mary Mary receives significant admiration from Muslims. She is said by the Prophet Muhammad to be the best woman God created. She is free of sin as the mother of Jesus. N/A
Status of Muhammad Deeply loved and revered in Islam, last Prophet, but is not worshipped, only God is worshipped, according to Islam creation is never to be worshipped under any circumstances only the creator Saint, a guru of time. He is mentioned in Sikhism- but is used to name the guru incarnate of god.(irrelevant to some)
imams identified as Shiites believe they are the successors of Ali; Sunnis regard them as their clergy. N/A.
Concept of Deity God (Allah) is the only god and is all-powerful and omniscient. Belief in one God and teachings of the Sikh Gurus. God is merged with the Gurus and the Gurus are Manifests of The Creator.
Symbols None that are universal, though Muhammad's name in calligraphy is common. The popular star and crescent symbol is also common, but mainly relates to historical and political issues, not necessarily religious ones. The Khanda
Praying to Saints, Mary, and Angel Shiites ask for Saints' intercession, but, Sunnis do not. Mary is venerated by both Sunnis and Shiites however. forbidden Worship is to be for One God only, gurus may be Praised because they are manifestations of God in the flesh.
Teachings about Behavior Scholars of morality have divided moral issues into two categories: 1 - Morals in the common meaning 2 - Morals in the particular meaning that includes good manners and Islamic behaviour Never Commit any sin always do good thing and praise god's name.

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Comments: Islam vs Sikhism

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Anonymous comments (7)

July 16, 2013, 9:32am

wow Sikhism is so much more enlightened than Islam. Islam seems to be a very medieval and backwards belief system.

— 96.✗.✗.141

May 8, 2014, 7:02pm

Please write the similarities and differences , I am a Muslim and I need help with my school work.

— 80.✗.✗.6

May 4, 2013, 10:27pm

It took 249 years to complete Khalsa Panth (Sikhism). Apparently, Sikhism is the complete and final religion on earth and SatGuru Gobind SIngh Sahib was the last and final prophet of God...SAT SRI AKAL

— 174.✗.✗.210

May 4, 2013, 9:12am

brother i think you dont have knowledge of is islam this all are absuletely wrong islam knowledge is very simple and loveable that is why islam growing in world very fast its my request you and reader please take good knowledge its simple check dr zakir naik website fi iman allah please excuse me

— 113.✗.✗.161

January 2, 2013, 7:57pm

Sikhism is about the right way of living life with equality and love
Islam is about the perfect way of living life with equality and love and strict rules
i beleive both are almost the same with minor diefferences which endup in misconcepts

— 216.✗.✗.21

October 17, 2012, 6:55am

Contradicting information

Fouder: Mohammad (pbuh)
Staus of Adam: Last messenger in Islam

— 122.✗.✗.85

September 24, 2012, 8:32am

hardwork with honesty. pray and charity are 3 pillars of Sikhism. selfless service. compassion, truth, contentment and humility are virtues of Sikhism

— 14.✗.✗.3


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