Jeff Flake vs. Richard Carmona

Jeff Flake
Richard Carmona

This article presents an unbiased comparison of the political positions and policies of Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona, candidates for the 2012 senate election in Arizona.

Flake defeated Carmona and won the election.

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Jeff Flake

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Jeff Flake

Richard Carmona

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Richard Carmona
Biography Republican nominee for U.S. Senator from Arizona; incumbent member of the U.S. House of Representatives Democratic nominee for U.S. Senator from Arizona; former U.S. Surgeon General

Contents: Jeff Flake vs Richard Carmona

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Logo of Republican and Democratic parties

Economic Policy

Social Security

Tax Policy

Social Issues


Congressional Ethics



Civil Liberties and Homeland Security

Healthcare Policy

Energy Policy

Foreign Policy



In the first debate, Richard Carmona and Jeff Flake debated with each other and with Libertarian Marc Victor on October 10, 2012. The debate was hosted by Arizona Horizon. The full video is presented below:

The second debate was held on October 16 and saw both candidates attacking each other and claiming that their opponent was unfit for elected office.

Flake vs Carmona in Opinion Polls

Poll source Date(s) administered Richard Carmona (D) Jeff Flake (R)
Rocky Mountain Poll October 4–10, 2012 44% 40%
Public Policy Polling October 1–3, 2012 45% 43%
Rasmussen Reports September 25, 2012 41% 47%
LCV/Public Policy Polling September 7–9, 2012 43% 44%
LCV/Public Policy Polling July 23–25, 2012 38% 38%
Rasmussen Reports June 26, 2012 31% 47%
Public Policy Polling June 4–5, 2012 41% 43%
Public Policy Polling May 17–20, 2012 35% 48%
Magellan Strategies April 30–May 2, 2012 40% 44%
Rasmussen Reports Mar. 13, 2012 34% 47%
NBC News/Marist Feb. 19–20, 2012 29% 42%
Public Policy Polling Feb. 17–19, 2012 35% 46%
Public Policy Polling Nov. 17–20, 2011 36% 40%

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Comments: Jeff Flake vs Richard Carmona

Anonymous comments (2)

October 6, 2012, 5:34am

One supports Freedom the other Tyranny.

One drapes himself in the flag and carries a very large cross to 'prove' his American-Christian superiority.

We've been warned about these people...

— 174.✗.✗.93

September 26, 2012, 1:17am

hell of a choice. neither talks of the threats to our country. what if, what if? Guess if they were to say the Social security act is @^$#^* the country will WHAT? neither's BS give results, just lip service

— 174.✗.✗.165


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