Larisa Neiland vs. Wesley Whitehouse

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Larisa Neiland

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Wesley Whitehouse

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Weight 60 kg (132 lb) 90kg (200lb)
Turned Pro 1983 1998
Plays Right Left; Two-handed backhand
Career Prize Money $US4,083,936 $176, 084
Career record 322-283 214
Career titles 2 3 -5
Highest ranking 58 (August 12, 1996) No. 214 August 2nd, 2004
Australian Open 4R (1992) N/A
French Open 3R (1984, 1989) N/A
Wimbledon QF (1994) N/A
U.S. Open QF (1988) N/A
Introduction (from Wikipedia) Larisa Savchenko Neiland (born Larisa Savchenko July 21, 1966 in Lvov) is a retired Ukrainian-born tennis player who represented Latvia in play. She turned professional in 1988, one of a group of other Soviet players (Natasha Zvereva, Leila Meskhi) t Wesley Whitehouse, born 13th March 1979 in Durban, South Africa.
Country Latvia South Africa
Residence Jurmala, Latvia Pretoria, South Africa and Phoenix, Arizona
Date of birth July 21, 1966 (1966-07-21) (age 41) March 13th, 1979
Place of birth Lvov, Ukraine Durban, South Africa
Height 1.69 m (5 ft 6+1⁄2 in) 190cm (6ft 3in)

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