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microSD and miniSD are smaller variants of the SD (Secure Digital) flash-memory based storage cards. While miniSD is small (0.84 inches x 0.78 in. x 0.05 in.), microSD is even smaller at 0.43 in. x 0.59 in. x 0.039 in.

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Capacity Up to 128GB Upto 2-gigabytes(generally 1GB)
Compatibility SD smaller devices such as a cell phone SD smaller devices such as a cell phone
Types micro SD mini SD
Filesystem FAT16 FAT16
Speed Slower as compared to SDHC Slower as compared to SDHC
Size/Shape Very small (.43" x .59" x .039") Small (.84" x.78" x.05")
Definition micro-Secure Digital mini-Secure Digital

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