MicroSD vs. SD Card

SD Card

MicroSD is a smaller variant of the SD (Secure Digital) card and is used in certain cell phones, PDAs and smaller, lighter devices. MicroSD cards can be read by regular SD card slots through an adaptor.

Here is a video on the types of memory cards:

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SD Card

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Capacity Up to 128GB Up to 2GB
Compatibility SD smaller devices such as a cell phone Compatible only with SD host devices
Types micro SD Standard SD, mini SD and micro SD
Speed Slower as compared to SDHC Slower as compared to SDHC
Filesystem FAT16 FAT16

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Comments: MicroSD vs SD Card

Anonymous comments (1)

July 17, 2013, 8:30pm

under "types" why do you list microSD in both? This makes things less clear.

— 208.✗.✗.205


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