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Wallis and Futuna

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Government Parliamentary republic Overseas territory of France
Currency Złoty (PLN) CFP franc (XPF)
Calling code +48 +681
GDP (PPP) : Per capita $20,136 (46th) $ 3,800 (not ranked)
Internet TLD .pl5 .wf
Official languages Polish French ʻUvean, Futunan
Population : Density 122/km² (83rd) 319.9/sq mi 77/km² (112th) 199/sq mi
Time zone CET (UTC+1) (UTC+12)
Area : Water (%) 3.07 negligible
Introduction (from Wikipedia) Poland (Polish: Polska), officially the Republic of Poland (Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polska), is a country in Central Europe on the boundary between Eastern and Western European continental masses,[2] and is considered by the United Nations a part of E Wallis and Futuna, officially the Territory of Wallis and Futuna Islands (French: Wallis-et-Futuna or Territoire des îles Wallis-et-Futuna, Fakauvea and Fakafutuna: Uvea mo Futuna), is a Polynesian French island territory (but not part of, or even c
GDP (PPP) 2007 (IMF) estimate 2004 estimate
GDP (PPP) : Total $755,473 (19th) $60 million (not ranked)
Area : Total 312,679 km² (69th³) 120,728 sq mi 264 km² (211th) 102 sq mi

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