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Porters and stouts are dark beers that originated in London pubs in the 18th century. Stouts are a stronger and fuller-bodied variation of porters, with typically 7-8% alcohol. Porters are well hopped, made from brown malt and descended from brown beer. This class of beers was popular with the street and river porters in London at the time, hence their name. The strongest of these were called stout porter but the term was later shortened to just stout.

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Origin London London
Brewing Uses malted barley Uses unmalted roasted barley
Taste Sweeter, lighter and less full-bodied Deeper roasted notes. Dry bitterness. Coffee-like.
Color Lighter brown Darker: dark brown to black
Varieties London, American, Baltic Dry, sweet, export, oatmeal, Russian imperial
ABV (%) 4.0-5.44 4-5
Examples Fuller’s London Porter, Samuel Smith Taddy Porter Guinness, Murphy’s Stout, Brooklyn Dry Stout

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A beer sampler. The lightest one is Pale Ale and the darkest one is Porter
A beer sampler. The lightest one is Pale Ale and the darkest one is Porter

edit Origins

Porter was first created in the 18th century in a London pub. It was a blend of younger pale ales and older darker ales.

Stout was originally called “stout porter.” It was a version of the London pub drink that was created by London breweries to be sold on a larger scale. The word “porter” was eventually dropped from the name.

edit Brewing

Porter is usually brewed using malted barley, although a few varieties use unmalted roasted barley.

Stout is brewed with unmalted roasted barley, which adds roasted smells and dry bitterness to beer.

edit Taste

Porter is sweeter than stout.

Due to the roasted barley, stout has deeper roasted notes than porter and has a dry bitter taste.

In this video Mark Szmaida, head brewer at Chelsea Brewing Company talks about the various types of beer, the last two of which are the Porter and Stout.

edit Varieties and Popular Brands

Porter comes in a range of varieties, including:

Popular brands include Arcadia’s London Porter, Anchor Brewing Co.’s Anchor Porter, Samuel Smith’s The Famous Taddy Porter and Fuller’s London Porter.

Varieties of stout include:

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