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Pumps and stilettos are shoes that are popular with women. The difference between a pump and a stiletto is the heel size. Pumps are usually closed toe or peep-toe with a heel of 2.5cm or less. Stilettos on the other hand can be with straps or covered but would definitely have a thin long heel of 1 inch or more.

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Type of shoe Shoes with low cut front and usually without any fastening or straps. Ankle straps do make occasional appearance on pump shoes. Shoes with long, thin heel usually of 1inch to 10 inches are known as stilettos.
Also known as These shoes are known as court shoes in British English and Pumps in American English. Stilettos of 5cms and shorter are known as kitten heels.
Worn for Pumps can be worn as casuals as well as formal shoes by both men and women. Worn by women on formal and festive occasions.
Example Black patent pumps are worn with a pair of tights, a skirt, and dress shirt. Stilettos add class and panache to a woman’s evening wear.

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Pumps and Stilettos, from Di Marni
Pumps and Stilettos, from Di Marni

edit Difference between Pump and Stiletto Heels

Pumps are normally flat or low heeled shoes. Even canvas plimsolls with rubber soles are known as pumps. They come in various heel sizes but none of them are very high or very narrow. Mostly the heel tips are wider and so are the heels. Most pumps have round cut toes or peep-toes.

Stiletto heels are thin and long. The core of the heel is a stem of solid steel or alloy. Stilettos are common in boots and shoes and are named after a stiletto dagger. The heel length varies from a few inches to almost 25 cm. The height can be increased if a platform sole is used. Normally, the thin, long and narrow stiletto heel ends in a rubber or metal tip with a diameter of less than 1cm.


edit Difference in Materials Used for Making Pumps and Stilettos

Pumps or court shoes that are used for dancing are usually made of satin, in tan or other colors. Pumps for men are usually made in patent leather. The leather is wholecut and lined with cloth. The sole is either stuck to the bottom or sewn together with a flap hiding the stitches. The sole made of layers of leather and a silk bow is the final touch.

Stilettos can be made from any material but the most preferred is patent leather. The stiletto with a metal shaft in the heel is also manufactured with an internal metal tube for reinforcement within molded plastic. White stilettos are the standard attire in beauty contests in the swimwear round.

edit Aesthetic Appeal and Comfort

Pumps have a formal appearance when worn in combination with a tuxedo or suit. They can be casual when accessorized with skirts or jeans. Nevertheless, the comfort factor rides high in case of pumps when compared to stilettos.

Stilettos, on the other hand, are synonymous with femme fatale in popular culture. They create an illusion of longer, slimmer legs and overall greater height. The wearer’s posture and gait is improved with prominence given to bust and buttocks. Stilettos have a seductive nature and appear very feminine.


edit History of Pumps and Stilettos

Pumps have been in use for hundreds of years. They were initially used as flat slippers for dancing. It was in 1838 that a 2 inch heeled pump shoe was tailored by Alfred Gabriel called the D’Orsey Pump. Most pumps have rounded toe with different heel heights. Stilettos were popular in the 1950s and the person behind this popularization was Roger Vivier. They remained popular through 1960s and 1980s an now post 2000 women have once again discovered the magic of using stilettos to dress up.

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February 21, 2014, 7:10pm

"Pumps can be worn as casuals as well as formal shoes by both men and women." What man wears pumps?

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January 7, 2013, 3:15pm

Nice article but the author should be spanked harshly for mixing metric and imperial units in one article. Inches and centimetres don't mix!

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