Bison versus Buffalo comparison chart
Fur Thick fur. Light fur.
Diet Grass and hay. Grass.
Weight 700 to 2,200 lb. 1200 kg (2640 lb) for wild water buffalo; 850 kg (1870 lb) for domestic water buffalo; 909 kg (2000 lb) for Cape buffalo.
Lifespan 13-21 years. 25-30 (Water Buffalo); 15-25 (Cape Buffalo).
Kingdom Animalia Animalia
Horns Sharp and small. Not sharp but long (Water buffalo); medium & sharp (Cape buffalo).
Phylum Chordata Chordata
Native to North and South America, Europe. Asia (Water), Africa (Cape).
Beard Thick beard. No beard.
Shape Four footed, huge structure, large hump. Four footed, huge frame, no hump.
Class Mammalia Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla Artiodactyla
Population 2 million. 150 Million (Water); 160,000 (Cape).
Family Bovidae Bovidae
Domesticated No. Yes (Water); No (Cape).
Habitat Plains. Rugged lands. Really cold places. Cannot live in rugged conditions (Water). Can and mostly does live in rugged conditions (Cape).
Genus Bison Bubalus (Water Buffalo); Syncerus (Cape Buffalo)
Used for Meat, clothing, shelter, weapons. Milk, cattle, meat (Water) . Once hunted as trophies, but now meat for hunters and other animals (Cape).