Facebook Group versus Facebook Page comparison chart
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What it is Facebook Group is a virtual area where members connect, share, collaborate on a given topic or idea. Facebook Page however, is useful for entities, public figures, companies and organizations to broadcast information to their fans.
Messaging Messages can be sent directly to the Inbox. Feature can be used for groups with 5000 members or less No direct messaging into inbox available.
Search Engine Indexing This feature is available, although not as exhaustively usable. This feature is provided but can be used more extensively with pages than with groups.
Targeted Posting Not available Can use the feature to let a certain demographic audience receive messages while disabling it for other members.
Applications Cannot add applications Applications can be added to customize the pages.
Membership Categorized into 1) Open 2) Closed and 3) Private / Secret Always public.
Engagement Analysis Not available The administrator / creator can analyze behavior of the members by studying the data available.
Widgets Not available ‘Become a fan’ widget available to enhance user experience.
Vanity URL Not available Feature is available.
Visitors known as Members Fans