Latitude versus Longitude comparison chart
Direction East-west, parallel to the equator North-south; converging at the poles and widest at the equator
Parallel lines Yes No
Range 0 to 90° North and South 0 to 180° East and West
Denoted by Greek letter phi (Φ) Greek letter lambda (λ)
Hemisphere All locations along a common latitude fall in the same hemisphere of the earth (northern or southern) Locations along a common longitude may be in different hemispheres.
Denotes distance from equator (north or south) Prime Meridian (east or west)
Time zone Locations that share the same latitude do not necessarily fall into the same time zone All locations on the same longitude fall in the same time zone
Number of lines 180 360
Notable lines Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn Greenwich Meridian
Applications Classifying temperature zones Classifying time zones