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Lie versus Truth comparison chart
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Meaning To be or to stay at rest in a horizontal position; to recline; to remain inactive; to occupy a certain relative place or position.
Part of speech Intransitive verb - does not involve a direct object.
Infinitive / Present tense To lie: I, we, you, they lie / he, she, it lies
Present, past, past participle forms Lie, lay, lain
Present Tense Examples First-person: I feel the breeze as lie (down) on this park bench. Third-person: Watch out for the dog that lies in the corner.
Past tense Lay
Past-tense examples First-person: I heard a noise behind me as I lay on the recliner. Third-person: The siblings lay in their beds all day until their parents woke them up for dinner.
Past-participle examples First-person: I had lain under the blankets for too long. Third-person: She had lain on the lounge chair all morning.
Introduction (from Wikipedia) The word truth has a variety of meanings, from honesty, good faith, and sincerity in general, to agreement with fact or reality in particular. The term has no single definition about which a majority of professional philosophers and scholars agree, a
Involves morality Yes
Available at garden stores Yes
Free from semantic paradoxes No

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