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What is it? Short form for “Macintosh” and refers to any computer produced by Apple, Inc. Refers to any computer running IBM-Based (Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD) operating systems. stands for "Personal Computer"
Cost Computers start at $499 for the Mac Mini desktop, $899 for the Macbook Air notebook, and $1099 for the iMac all-in-one. Other models are more expensive. For desktop or home use Macs are generally expensive than a PC. Compared to a Mac, Windows and Windows-associated hardware is cheaper, and you can build your own for even less money. Comparable computers running Windows can be found around 40% cheaper than a Mac.
Manufacturer Apple Inc Several companies: HP, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Gateway etc.
Development and Distribution Macs are developed and distributed by Apple Inc. PCs are manufactured and distributed by hundreds of manufacturers.
Company / developer Apple, Inc. Microsoft (Windows), Ubuntu (Linux), Sun (Solaris), etc.
Gaming Not as many games are made natively for the Mac, although in recent years, many more applications are released for them. The App Store is a hub for users to download games from. The library of games available for the PC is exhaustive, and hardware specifically tweaked for gaming performance is much more readily available for Windows. The array of graphics cards and upgradability also favor Windows-based computers.
User Home users and businesses (mainly in the creative department) Home users and businesses
Available language(s) Multilingual Must purchase a different OS Version, but has multiple languages available.
OS family Unix-like (BSD>Darwin>Mac) Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, etc.
Popular Applications Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Safari, Mail, Messages, FaceTime, Calendar, Contacts, App Store, iTunes, iBooks, Maps, Photo Booth, Time Machine MS Office, Internet Explorer, Media Player, Media Center, Windows Defender, SkyDrive, VLC media player, Chrome browser
Latest Operating System OS X Yosemite (version 10.10); OS X El Capitan (version 10.11) announced Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 announced
Compatibility Can open almost all PC files and can coexist on local networks with PCs. Can open .doc, .exe (as a compressed bundle), .xls, and others. Software exists for other file types. Can also run Windows on a Mac for 100% compatibility. Mac-based files (.DMG) cannot be opened on PCs natively, but you can install software that can read, and possibly write Mac-based files on a PC.
Supported architectures Intel Microprocessors Intel and AMD processors
Market Reach Attracts graphic designers, video and music producers, tech journalists, app developers etc. Wide reach to all stratas. Business users tend to use Windows hardware due to compatibility.
Virus Attacks Since Macs are not as popular as PCs, there are fewer malware written to target Macs, although the threat of malicious software is growing, like from Java. Being the popular desktop choice, most virus writers target Windows systems, however, Linux often has less malware.
Compatible Operating Systems OS X, Windows (through virtual machine or Boot Camp), Linux Windows, Linux
Performance Since Apple have controlled the hardware & software bundles and model updates, so every Mac operates smoothly without worry on lagging, incompatibles, and have stable and expected performance Different OEMs and even custom build PCs might not have the suitable drivers released for every components in each OS version, incompatibles, lagging may occur. Maybe cannot reach expected performance
Repairs Any knowledgeable person can perform repairs and upgrades. Local computer-help stores can also be contacted for repairs. AppleCare can extend the warranty. Newer Macs are becoming less upgrade-friendly, though. Any knowledgeable person can perform repairs and upgrades. Local computer-help stores can also be contacted for repairs. OEMs and component shops provides limited warranty.
Programs and apps Same as gaming, limited choice due to user range. Same as gaming, excess choice due to user range.
Piracy Prevention Activation is not required, can reinstall as many times as needed. Windows has a unique activation key for each package distribution, and lots of custom and OEM PC appears, so genuine checking become important. Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD is free and no need for those keys.
Customizability No Yes
Messaging Messages (using iMessage, Google Talk, etc.) Skype, Facebook, and Twitter
Voice commands Yes Yes
Maps Yes Yes
Internet browsing Safari, Chrome, Firefox, plus many more. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari (no longer supported)
App store App Store Windows Store
Widgets Yes Yes
Working state Current Current
Interface Mouse, keyboard, trackpad, other peripherals Mouse, keyboard, trackpad, other peripherals
Has Registry No Yes
Overclockable No Yes, depends on CPU and Motherboard