Neolithic versus Paleolithic comparison chart
Meaning Neo=new; Lithic=stone. Neolithic era is also call the New Stone age. Paleo=old; Lithic=stone. The Paelolithic era is also called the Old Stone age.
Dwelling Mud bricks supported by timber Mouths of caves, huts, skin tents
Lifestyle Sedentary. They farmed in permanent settlements and raised/herded animals; agriculture was discovered and became a major source of food; families evolved. Nomadic; in groups of up to 50; tribal society; hunters and gatherers
Tools polished stone tools made sharper by grinding Chipped stone, wooden weapons, light stone tools (not sharpened)
Clothes Animal skins, woven garments Animal skins
Governance Military and religious leaders had authority. Monarchy emerged. Tribal society. Clan controlled by elders or the powerful (according to age)
Economy The concept of private property and ownership emerged for things such as land, livestock and tools. There was no concept of private property.
Health Neolithic people were shorter and had lower life expectancy. Diseases like tooth cavities and typhoid emerged in the new stone age. Neolithic women had more children because the life style was no longer nomadic. Paleolithic people were taller and lived longer than neolithic people.
Art Wall paintings Cave paintings
Sculpture material Stone, clay (baked) Stone, mammoth ivory, reindeer horn
Main Discovery Agriculture and tools with polished stones, the plow Fire; Rough stone tools
Food They grew crops such as corn, wheat, beans, etc. Hunted and gathered for their food supply.