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Thelema versus Wicca comparison chart
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Place of worship Temple, Lodge, Shrine in one's own home Altars, covens, outside in nature, in your home, in your car, anywhere really
Place of origin Cairo, Egypt England
Founder Aleister Crowley Wicca was made public by Gerald Gardner with some historians concluding it was mostly his creation and others feeling it may have existed as early as the 1800's. Some traditions claim distinct lineage such as Cochranian and Alexandrian.
Practices Yoga, Magick, Ritual, Meditation, Adoration of Godforms Prayer, witchcraft, devotion, invocation, blessings, healing, casting circle, etc
Life after death Reincarnation or becoming one with Hadit/Nuith Reincarnation, often with a rest period in the Summerland.
Goal of religion To be one with the True Will in whatever form it takes in any one individual's life To honor the ancient Gods and Goddess, and respect the cycles of life. To better yourself.
Literal Meaning One who is in touch with Divine Will. Thelema literally means the Will of God Wic·ca - from Old English Wica. Wise
About Thelema broadly consists of belief in a divine Will, and attempts to separate oneself from egocentric and indulgent desires in order to better understand one's own purpose, which is distinct for everyone and is referred to as the 'True Will' Largest of the Neopagan religions. Great reverence for the Earth & for their Goddess & her consort, the horned God. Wiccan Rede: forbids them from harming people, including themselves, except in some cases of self-defense.
Time of origin 1904 C.E. Created by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s. Most branches claim some ancient tradition or line, but no direct proof through historical sources. It is perhaps the largest religion created in the last century.
Belief of God Infinite God understood through a pantheon of Godforms, among them Hadit, Nuith, Aiwaz and others Belief of The Gods and Goddesses.
Use of statues Acceptable, common Very common
Geographical distribution and predominance America, Europe, Australia Primarily English speaking parts of Europe, North American and Australia with some communities in France, Germany, etc.
View of Animistic religions Acceptable Practitioners typically follow specific deities over others.
Use of statues and pictures Acceptable Common, but not universal. When used, they are prominently placed on the practitioner's alter.
Scriptures Liber al Vel Legis, sometimes the other writings of Aleister Crowley Traditions usually keep a Book of Shadows which contains rituals and practices common to that group, though it may change over time. Similar liturgy and ritual structure exists, but is not derived from a single, universally recognized source.
Identity of Jesus An important manifestation of God that brought in the Aeon of Osiris. We now live in the Aeon of Horus, an era of freedom, individuality and self-expression N/A
Status of women Equal to Men. Can be Priestesses Women and men are equals and women are revered, as they are the givers of life.
Marriage Sacred but not confined to just two individuals of the opposite sex. Love in all its forms is sacred While all people have different views, same sex marriage is just as acceptable as heterosexual marriages. The ritual of Hand Fasting is usually used.
Population 10,000 worldwide The number of practicing Wiccans has been estimated between tens of thousands on up to several hundred thousand.
Holy days/Official Holidays Thelemic New Year (March 20th), Feast for the writing of the Liber Al Vel Legis (April 8-10), and a rite of passage called either Feast of Fire for boys or Feast of Water for girls Sabbats, Esbats.
Authority of Dalai Lama N/A N/A
Views on other religion Any Religion can be an understanding of God, and can be a manifestation of one's True Will View all religions positively. Some may have a negative disposition toward faiths with dogmatic views and rigid scripture, though that is a personal thing, not a part of the religion.
Religion which atheists may still be adherents of Yes N/A
Views on the afterlife Reincarnation or to become one with the Divine (varies) Reincarnation till one reaches the Summerland.
Ressurection of Jesus Possible N/A, Easter is comparable to the Sabbat Ostara, which celebrates the rejuvenation of the harvest, the beginning of spring. Fertility.
Belief of deities One God in many forms Commonly, a God and Goddess, which may be thought of as specific Gods and Goddesses from many cultures, or as two parts, of one Eternal Life Force
Related Religions Wicca, Neopaganism Other modern neopagan or new age religions. This is in contrast to reconstructionist pagan traditions, which are rooted in historical practice.
Human Nature Every man and every woman is a star, a manifestation of Hadit (Energy) and Nuith (Matter). Every man and woman has the right to pursue and discover their own True Will and commit themselves to manifesting it in reality. Some may say that the Divine (God or Goddess) is within each of us, others may argue. It depends on who you ask.
Confessing sins N/A N/A
God's role in salvation Everyone has a True Will they must discover and follow, whatever that may be. N/A
Original Language(s) English, Greek English
Day of worship Every Day Depending on the individual: everyday, just on Sabbats and/or Esbats, varies.
Position of Abraham N/A N/A.
Followers Thelemites Wiccan
Names of God Hadit, Nuith, Aiwaz, Heru-Ra-Ha, Hoor-Paar-Kraat, among others Pan, Herne, etc.
View of other Dharmic religions Equally valid path of True Will Belief in everyone's right to their own path.
Use of statues, images Common Permitted.
Prophet Aleister Crowley N/A
Original Languages English, Greek English

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