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United Kingdom versus United States comparison chart
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United KingdomUnited States
Currency Pound sterling (£) (GBP) United States Dollar ($) (USD)
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (UTC⁠) (UTC−5 to −10)
Calling code +44 +1
Government Constitutional monarchy Federal presidential constitutional republic
Population 65 million (22nd) 329,771,130 million (3rd)
Monarch Queen Elizabeth II None
Capital London Washington, D.C.
Demonym British American
Religions Christianity, Islam, other Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Drives on the Left Right
Date formats DD/MM/YYYY MM/DD/YYYY
Flag Colors Red, white, blue Red, blue and white
President None Donald J. Trump
Official Name The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) The United States of America (USA)
Political Leader Jeremy Corbyn Donald J Trump
International abbreviation GB USA
Literacy rate 99% 99%
Space Organisation None NASA
Christian population (%) 60% 72%
Measurement system Metric Customary
Flag The Union Jack Star Spangled Banner, Old Glory
Head of State Boris Johnson Donald Trump
Continent Western Europe North America
Government : Prime Minister Boris Johnson None
Head of Government : Boris Johnson Donald Trump
Government : President None Donald J. Trump
Vice President None Mike Pence (R)
Biggest cities London NYC
EU accession 1 January 1973, dissolved 31 January 2020, no accession expected post Brexit No accession possible, not part of Europe

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