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Judaism is the oldest of all the Abrahamic religions. Its founding prophet is Moses, who had been chosen by God to lead the Israelite slaves out of Egypt. Camped under Mount Sinai, Moses gave the Israelite slaves the Torah of their God, and after wandering in the desert for 40 years, they went to live in what is now known as Israel, which they believe is God's gift to them.

Jews trace their Abrahamic lineage through his son, Isaac.

Islam was founded by Muhammad in the year 622. Muhammad believed that God chose him to be his prophet and to reveal to his Arab countrymen that there is only one God. Muhammad wrote down the revelations he believed he received from God and called it the 'Qur'an.'

Muslims trace their Abrahamic lineage through his son Ismael.

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Founder Muhammad. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses
Place of worship Mosque/masjid, any place which is clean. Synagogues, Western Wall of the Temple in Jerusalem
Place of origin Mecca, Saudi Arabia The Levant
Practices Five pillars: Testament that there is one God and Muhammad is his messenger (shahadah); prayer five times daily; fast during Ramadan; charity to the poor (zakat); pilgrimage (Hajj). Prayers 3 times daily, with a fourth prayer added on Shabbat and holidays. Shacarit prayer in the morning, Mincha in the afternoon, Arvit at night; Musaf is an extra Shabbat service.
Concept of Deity God (Allah) is the only god and is all-powerful and omniscient. Belief in one God and teachings of the tradition, prophets and rabbis.
Life after death A Muslim and all the beings will be accountable to Allah on the Day of Judgement. World to come, Reincarnation (some groups); unifying with God, there are different opinions and beliefs
Scriptures The Quran/Koran (the direct words of Allah through Angels to the Prophet. Hadith are not holy scriptures but sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. Tanakh (Jewish Bible) , Torah.
Goal of religion Submission to the will of God, peace. To celebrate LIFE! To fulfill the Covenant with God. Do good deeds. Help repair the world. Love God with all your heart. Strong social justice ethic.
Use of statues and pictures Muslims are not permitted to depict the image of God nor any prophet. Ancient times: Not allowed as it is considered Idolatry. Today, great artwork is encouraged. Statues of people are fine, but not as religious icons.
Clergy Imam leads congregational prayer in a mosque. Sheikh, Maulana, Mullah and Mufti Ancient times: Hereditary privileged priest class--Kohen and Levi. Present day: Religious functionaries like Rabbis, Cantors, Scribes, Mohels.
Literal Meaning Islam means "submission", or the total surrender of oneself to the will of God. The root word means peace. A Jew (Hebrew: יְהוּדִי, Yehudi (sl.); יְהוּדִים, Yehudim (pl.); Ladino: ג׳ודיו, Djudio (sl.); ג׳ודיוס, Djudios (pl.); Yiddish: ייִד, Yid (sl.); ייִדן, Yidn (pl.))[1] is a member of the Jewish people/ethnicity.
Time of origin 610 CE c 1300 BC
Human Nature Man has equal ability to do good or evil. God has given mankind free will. You must choose good from bad. You are responsible for your actions, not thoughts.
Principle Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One, Allah , the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent." - Quran: Surah Al Ikhlas By accepting the covenant, they choose to follow God's commandments. A unique ethnicity. Early monotheists.
Status of women It it said in the Quran that all woman are equal to men, and should be treated like any other man. Equal to men in eyes of God and in the Law (Halakha). Woman traditionally have been granted more equal rights than most other world cultures. Today, traditions among the Orthodox and the Reform movements differ greatly.
Second coming of Jesus Affirmed Not part of liturgy.
Angels Angels are created from light and remain unseen as they worship and follow God's commands. Angels serve God as messengers. World is full of beings existing that we cannot see or understand. Kabbalah includes mystical studies of this.
Belief of God Only one God. God is the one True Creator. God has always existed, none existed before him and will exist forever. He transcends life and death.
Means of salvation Belief in one God, remembrance of God, repentance, fear of God and hope in God's mercy. Through belief in God, good deeds, complete faith.
Definition Islam is an Arabic word for "Submission or surrender in Ultimate Peace".Muslim means a believer in One God (Al-Illah or Allah) Of the tribe of Judah.
Status of Adam Free from all major sins and faults. Adam is the first prophet and man on earth as sent by Allah and he is the father of Humanity, and Muhammad is the last prophet in Islam. First known use of the Adam/Eve mythology.
Branches There is a political division Shia and Sunni Muslims, though it is not doctrinal. Religious: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Renewel, Reconstruction. Traditions: Sephard, (Spain, Arab countries, Turkey). Ashkenazi: (Europe, Russia). MIzrachi: (Iraq, Persia, India).
View of Animistic religions Paganism is idolatry. The earliest Jewish holidays correspond to agricultural seasons. Jews uniquely developed monotheism as a God of All. They were surrounded by pagen tribes who believed in gods based on their location, or nature.
About Islam is an Abrahamic religion originating with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (a decendent of Ishmael) born in 560 AD came to teach pure monotheism, restore the true religion which had been lost. submission to the Will of God, pure monotheism. Judaism is created by Abraham 2000 BCE and his descendants of Issac and Jacob. The Law: the 10 Commandments was given to Moses (and 600 000 Jews who left Egyptian slavery) in c, 1300 BCE to return to Israel and follow God's will.
God's role in salvation Mercy Divine revelation of God's law and to judge man's actions. Good deeds, and righteousness. Each New Year, during Yom Kippur, Jews fast and pray for forgiveness from God, and if accepted, are written into the Book of Life, for the next year.
Marriage The holy union of a couple. Men in Islam may marry more than one women (but no more than four) as long as he can treat them all fairly, give them all their rights and support them all. Ancient times: unlimited polygamy with concubinage. In modern times, monogamy officially since 1310 AD.
Goal of Philosophy To Reach Heaven To live a proper and Holy Life. To appreciate Life in every way. To do Good Deeds. To live Ethically. To make choice based on Free Will. Universal Education for every Jew; to study, learn. read and write.
Holy days/Official Holidays Ramadan, Eid-ul Adha, Eid-ul Fitr Sabbath, Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Chanukah, Tu BiShvat, Purim, Passover, Lag BaOmer, Shavout. Holidays given by God or historical events, Israeli holidays. Holocaust remembrance.
Population There are around 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Islam is the second-largest faith of the planet and claims to be the fastest growing Around 13-16 Million, debated. Population varies due to conversion (although some types are not recognized by the state of Israel) and "marrying out" (of the faith)
Birth of Jesus Virgin birth from Mary. Normal man, normal birth. Not part of liturgy.
View of the Buddha N/A N/A.
Original Language(s) Arabic Hebrew. Every word has a 3 letter root word. Yiddish: part Hebrew, part German/East European language. Sephardic: part Hebrew, part Arabic language.
Rites Five pillars: Prayer, purification, funerals, circumsicion, sharing of animals in thanksgiving, Quran recitation, marriage. For Bar Mitzvah ceremony (13 years old) boys must read from the Torah in front of the congregation, and is then considered an adult. Bat Mitzvah is a similar ceremony for girls.
Identity of Jesus A true prophet of God, born of a chaste virgin mother (Mary). Jesus is highly respected and loved in Islam, but not worshipped or seen as a son of God. Muslims believed that Jesus preached Islam, but his message was corrupted by some. Simply not part of liturgy. Not mentioned one way or the other.
Concept of God Concept of the uncreated creator who brought about the universe - God - and that God had revealed a message (Quran) and a messenger (Muhammad) One God
Religious Law Sharia law is the foundation of Islam - religious law is to be interpreted only by scholars who are knowledgeable in advanced religious studies. Halakhah. Ethics. Commandments. 613 mitzvahs to be followed. Charity. Prayer. Rabbinical rulings with minority opinions. Debate very important part of system. Debate is encouraged in schools. Part of Bible addresses specific laws for everyday life.
Death of Jesus He did not die, but was taken into heaven by god, and will come back down to earth. He was never crucified. Not mentioned in Jewish texts.
Views on the afterlife Eternal life in paradise or hell. Jews beleive in a human Soul, and Orthodox believe in A World To Come and a form of Reincarnation. Differing beliefs accepted. Very little discussion on afterlife. Focus is on time on Earth now.
Confessing sins Praying and repenting to god - no self-harm allowed Ancient times: there was a sin offering for individuals. Today people individually repair their sins. On Yom Kippur, they confess sins, and ask forgiveness from God. But also they must ask forgiveness directly from any people they may have wronged.
Day of worship Prayer five times daily is obligatory. Friday is the day of congregational prayer, obligatory for men, but not for women. Friday at sunset through Saturday sunset, is the Sabbath, THE most Holy Day (yes, all 52 of them). Taking time off from work, once a week, was invented by Judaism. It is more Holy than any other holiday, and is spent in contemplation and prayer.
Offshoot religions Baha'i Abrahamic religions -- Christianity and Islam.
Authority of Pope N/A N/A
Original Languages Arabic Hebrew common till 500 BCE, Aramaic and Greek koine till 300 CE. Hebrew always for religious services. Local languages and different extinct and living Jewish languages like Carfati, Jiddish, Ladino, Judesmo etc
Clothes Women must present themselves modestly to cover the hair and body shape. The hands, face and feet may be left bare. Men must be modestly dressed and covered from waist to knee. Jews wear skullcaps called kippot, or yarmulkes. In prayer, Men over 13 wear shawls, called Tallit, and during morning prayer, leather straps called Tefillin, which awaken the spiritual connection with God. Women cover their heads with a prayer shawl
View of other Oriental religions N/A. N/A.
Holy days Ramadan, Eid, Friday. Laylatul Qadr Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Chanukah, Tu BiShvat, Passover, Lag BaOmer, Shavout. Sabbath most important—one day a week no work, just peace, joy and prayer.
Religion which atheists may still be adherents of No. Yes, since Judaism emphasizes Deed over Creed; Many Jews profess to be atheists, and are committed and proud to be Jews.
View of other Abrahamic religions Jews and Christians are respected as "People of the Book". All religions should be respected and tolerated, though Islam is the only correct way. Believe that Christians are wrong in believing that Jesus is the Messiah; they neither believe nor disbelieve that Muhammad and/or Bah-u-llah are prophets.
Geographical distribution and predominance Islam exists worldwide while it is the dominant religion of the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, South-East Asia, and North Africa. Existing in Israel for 1500 years, but the Romans in 70 AD kicked all Jews out. Jews are dispersed all over the world, at one time present in almost every country. Now the majority live in Israel, USA, Canada, Russia, France, England.
Position of Mary Mary receives significant admiration from Muslims. She is said by the Prophet Muhammad to be the best woman God created. She is free of sin as the mother of Jesus. Not applicable, as Jews do not believe that Jesus is their Messiah, and therefore, his Jewish mother plays no role in the Jewish religion other than history.
Status of Muhammad Deeply loved and revered in Islam, last Prophet, but is not worshipped, only God is worshipped, according to Islam creation is never to be worshipped under any circumstances only the creator N/A.
Geographical predominance Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, East Asia (Indonesia Malaysia), and the Balkans Israel, USA, Canada, France, England, Russia, Argentina. Has varied throughout history, Arabia, Persia, Babylonia, Rome, Greece, Ottoman Empire, Eastern Europe, due to various migrations and persecutions.
Ressurection of Jesus Denied because his death is denied. God raised Jesus to him and he will return before end of time. Denied
Legislation Sharia Prerogative of the people
Promised Holy one. Mahdi Belief in the Coming of a Messiah.
Three Jewels None Torah, People, Land, Law. love God.
Prophet Muslims believe in all prophets of the Holy Books, joining over 124,000 prophets who were unknown and unmentioned. Muhammad is the final prophet. Moses, Samuel, Nathan, Elijah, Elisha, etc.
Virtue(s) in which religion is based upon Peace. Justice; strict adherence to God's law. Reading the Holy Books, and following the Commandments.
Use of statues, images Forbidden Forbidden
Names of God Allah, Rahman, Raheem, Malik, Qudoos etc ( There are 99 in total) HaShem, Adonai,
Direction of Prayer the Ka'bah Mecca, Saudi Arabia Toward Jerusalem.
Resurrection of Jesus No because his death is denied in Islam. Simply not mentioned. not part of liturgy in Judaism. Considered authentic part of Christianity.
Belief Belief in one God,who has sent messengers with revelation and guidance for humanity so they may be guided to Islam (submission to God) & who have came with both good news and a warning, the last & final messenger being Muhammad صلى الله علي Jewish central belief is that they have chosen to follow the commandments of the One True God and God will look out for them in return. Every man is equal. Jews believe a Messiah coming and proof will be an end to war and hunger all over the world.
Marriage and Divorce Allowed Monogamous. Marriage permitted.
View of Oriental religions All Religions were given the book and are people of the book but are FALSE religions Jews accept others can have different religions. Jews must obey the law of the land, if ethical.
Praying to Saints, Mary, and Angel Shiites ask for Saints' intercession, but, Sunnis do not. Mary is venerated by both Sunnis and Shiites however. Jews only pray to God. They do not need Rabbis to pray. Each Jew can pray directly to God whenever he or she wants to.
Virtue on which religion is based upon Peace Justice.
Saints Sunni (mainstream Islam) - non-existent, all humans after the prophet Muhammad sin. Shia (minority): infallibility of 12 imams after revelation. Jewish holy figures are known as Tzaddics.
Abrahamic Lineage The ancestor of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم is Abraham (Ibrahim) through his son Ismael. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are thanked every prayer day. Jacob's 12 sons became the 12 tribes of israel. Of these, 10 were lost during Assyrian Exile.
Followers Muslim (means submitter to God) Jews
Use of statues Forbidden - a medium between self and Creator does not exist. Forbidden to use in religion
Original Language Arabic Hebrew has always been the central language of prayer. From 500 BCE, Aramaic and Greek koine and 'Aramized' Hebrew till 300 CE. Local languages and different extinct and living Jewish languages like Carfati, Yiddish, Ladino, Judesmo.
Can atheists partake in this religion's practices? No. Yes.
Authority of Dalai Lama N/A. N/A.
View of other Dharmic religions Has no basis in Islam. N/A.
Jesus a Prophet and messenger of God, and his proper name used in the Quran is Isa ibn Maryam [Jesus the son of Mary (not God)] A fellow Jew, a respected, learned scholar. Not mentioned in the Jewish texts.
Place and Time of origin 7'th Century AD. 1500 BC, Middle East. Religion formed over several centuries; was codified during the Babylonian exile. Literacy is encouraged to read Bible. Jews replaced animal sacrifice with prayer in Diaspora, after Romans destroyed Jerusalem Temple in 70 AD
Belief of God Belief in One God. Belief in the One God, often called HaShem—Hebrew for 'The Name', or Adonai— 'The Lord'. God is beyond human understanding. So, Jews do not pronounce the name of God during prayer.
View of God God is All Good God is the one True Creator. God has always existed, none existed before him and will exist forever. He transcends life and death. God is one and the only holiness. God is the creator. He is beyond human understanding, he is omnipotent.
sects Sunnis & Shiites. Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Sephardim, Karaite, Samaritan, and so on.
Status of Vedas N/A. N/A.
imams identified as Shiites believe they are the successors of Ali; Sunnis regard them as their clergy. N/A.
Promised Holy One Mahdi The Messiah.
Symbols none (star & moon symbol is in remembrance of the ottoman empire) Star of David
Position of Abraham A great Prophet. Father of Jewish Nation. From city of Ur. His father was an idol maker, but when he broke an idol, his father told him not to worry, the statue was not God Travelled to what is today Israel & purchased land. He found God during his travels in dessert
Days of worship Friday, & Muslim Holy Days Sabbath, sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. (Days start at sundown.)
Prophets Many from Adam, Abraham, Noah, Jesus etc to Muhammed Moses, and the subsequent Prophets of Israel as told in the Jewish Bible (Tanakh).
View on Abrahamic religions Believe that Jews & Christians should accept Muhammad as the final Prophet; believe that Baha'is are wrong in believing that Bah-u-llah is a prophet. Jews began Abrahamic religions. Christians share early prophets.The Koran also has renditions of these prophets. The New Testament can be viewed as written by Jews for the Jews of that time.
War between two churches/ major sects Sunnis and Shiites fight often in the Middle East. Different sects agree and differ with each other. There is room for debate with no violence. Almost never, ever, is there any violence between Jewish sects.
Views on other religions All other religions are false, but Muslims should not disrespect them. All people should obey 7 (Noahide) Commandments, a set of very basic moral laws. Non-Jews should follow their religion, and let Jewish people follow Judaism.

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April 20, 2014, 6:45am

Islam is the best ! Straight path no deviations ... simple n best :) ...

— 223.✗.✗.60

December 8, 2013, 3:02am

Allah is the one and only god, creator and master of all living things

— 108.✗.✗.162

September 10, 2013, 7:01am

You did a good job on comparing these without showing favouritism. although some of the facts are a little rusty, finding information on any religion is hard, and you can't really ask someone from the religion. But anyways, this was real helpful, Thanks!

— 194.✗.✗.246

August 22, 2013, 5:25am

Well never Mind all these edited books :) I believe I love you all. No matter what. Lets have faith in us.

— 173.✗.✗.3

August 4, 2013, 5:04am

befor judge .......please read and compare between "the Quran" and the other holy books ...please .....

— 41.✗.✗.57

June 6, 2013, 3:05am

the QURAN is the holy book sent down by GOD to MOHAMMED PEACE UPPON HIM

“This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.” [Qur’an 5:3]

“If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to God), never will it be accepted of Him.” [Qur’an 3:85]

Hence, Islam does not claim to be a new religion brought by Prophet Mohammed into Arabia in the seventh century, but rather to be a re-expression in its final form of the true religion of Almighty God, Allah, as it was originally revealed to Adam and subsequent prophets.

— 99.✗.✗.191

December 30, 2012, 6:55am

Since the Muslims have seen fit to add "PBUH" after Muhammad's name, we might as well add "z"l" (May his/her memory be for a blessing) after our dead folks. - A Jew

— Rickyrab

July 29, 2012, 1:12am

Good.... But, My Friend...
Islaam is not founded by Prophet Muhammad PBUH
Islaam is founded by Allaah, AlMighty, The Unique God !!!

— 117.✗.✗.26

April 28, 2012, 1:36am

you are all going to think im so ridiculous but i have no clue about anything that has to do with this subject ! I actually asked a friend of mine from afghanistan if he was jewish ! Not because im an ass or because i was trying to offend him but because i honestly had no idea! Im so lucky he didnt get angry! I really wish i had paid more attention in school

— 122.✗.✗.161

April 19, 2012, 11:22pm

Why are so many categories repeated under the "all attributes" page? Being concise leads to clarit

— 174.✗.✗.31

August 13, 2011, 7:38am

both are respectable reliogens but islam is the perfetct releigon and god says in the koran that the only releigen acceptable to god is islam and we muslim does not differenciate among any prophet becoz god says in koran that we does'nt differenciate among any prophet all are beloved of god. God further says in koran that these jews know about the truth that holly prophet will come and in there scriptures it is stated but thay doesn't accept that bcoz of there creed and hate to the prophet /

— 116.✗.✗.247

May 7, 2011, 4:23am

To the person who asked this article to be unlocked (, please create a login at

This has many advantages: you can edit protected articles (like this one), there is no CAPTCHA when you edit comparison tables, and there are no in-text ads when you view the website. Leave feedback (tab at the top) if you have questions. And thanks for all your great contributions! Are you a student of comparative religion?

— Ashwin

May 7, 2011, 1:16am

Could someone please unlock this article, in order so it can be categorized?

If the editor does not wish to unlock it, could he/she categorize it in 'Religion?' Thank you in advance.

— 174.✗.✗.245

February 23, 2011, 12:10am

The website you posted is a very sad and the women's stories are very unfortunate.
HOWEVER, in none of the stories does it mention that ISLAM or the Prophet aprove of this. THIS is pure IGNORANT behavior, people are way too infected with culture. This things happens mostly in small towns, where people are uneducated, they do not know about God..
Abuse of women happens everywhere. I remember this American man who burnt his baby in the oven at 5oo degrees because the baby was crying. Of course, the media didn't say he was Christian or that Christianity promotes this, or that the man's behavior was a reflexion of his religion. No onse said so, simply because it wouldn't be true. An whjoeducated Chrisitian who fears and loves God would never such crime. Well, it is the same with the MUSLIMS, a Muslim who knows his religion and loves and fears God would never burn anyone's face. Again, your message is IGNORANT.
Educate your self

— 76.✗.✗.33

February 22, 2011, 11:44pm


Muhammad DID NOT WRITE the revelation.

Stop spreding IGNORANCE, cure yourself firsts.

Everyone who wish to know about anything, PLEASE resource to the first hand sources, want to know about ISLAM, ask the Muslims, get the info from Muslim sources. Want to know about CHRISTIANITY, ask the Christians and their sources, makes sense ah...


— 76.✗.✗.33

September 13, 2010, 6:16am

This kind of respect for women:

Your "prophet" distorted the message beyond belief.

— 173.✗.✗.214

September 23, 2009, 5:29am

Status of women: (Strongly affected by cultural traditions. Severely oppressed in some countries)

that's a big LIE we might find some examples for instance yeah it's true but lets go to what islam itssefl says instead of writing your own point of view :) you don't have the right to give your own point of view and say that's islam!!!!! no one has opressed the muslim woman but the american media!!! even worse in the western minds, i am a woman i bear witness that no religion has ever given the woman its rights but islam have a close look in the islamic culture and see how they purify and respect the ladies more then 5000 american women die cause domistic vielence every year we don't have the media cover such as hollywood to spread it around the world but if doesn't change the facts on the ground muslim woman is so dignified :) xxxxxxx

— 41.✗.✗.10

September 23, 2009, 5:05am

arabs or muslims aren't all the sons of abraham just some of them such as "banu hacheem" family of muhammed "pbuh" was the descendents of abraham "pbuh" it's obvious that the majority of the prophets 'pbut' in the quran are hebrew at least that's what we believe as muslims but the mean problem here is why god would send such prophet as (jesus, john , zachary) "pbut" if hebrews were still in the same straight path that abraham isaac jackob joseph moses david salomon traced for them ?? those three holy prophets are still called names in the jewish society!!! that's ENVY peeps dying with their own poison...
you'll have to be a descendent of jackob or your mum should be jew so you can be a jewish :D waw no wonder why they're always a minority, i am not an arab but i never felt that i am a stranger in the islamic boby doesn't matter what my mum or father is, and i love jesus muhammed moses and the whole prophets may god make me see and be among then in the heresfter Ameeen peace

— 41.✗.✗.10

July 28, 2011, 10:36pm

Kharijite and Shiite are NOT branches of Islam. They a corrupted!

— 41.✗.✗.1
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