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The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian is that vegans eliminate all animal products from their diet, including dairy and eggs. Those following a vegan lifestyle generally do not wear leather and avoid products made from animals such as wool, silk and down. Vegans' tremendous compassion for animals is an abiding, overriding conviction in their lives.

Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish or poultry but they tend to consume dairy products and eggs. Lacto-vegetarians consume dairy products but not eggs, ovo-vegetarians eat eggs but not dairy products and lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat eggs as well as dairy products. Vegetarians also do not eat products that contain gelatine or other meat-based products.

The vegan point of view is that animals are not here to be exploited by man, and that commercialization of animals necessarily involves a fundamental, inhumane component and lack of respect for basic life.

From a nutrition standpoint, the only difference is that vegans need to take a B12 and amino acid supplement, since they have no dietary source of these nutrients. You can get all the nutrients you need on a lacto-ovo (eggs and milk) vegetarian diet without supplements. A vegan diet also minimizes food allergies or intolerance since it eliminates the most common allergens like shellfish, eggs and dairy.

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Introduction Veganism is a philosophy and compassionate lifestyle whose adherents seek to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. Vegans endeavor not to use or consume animal products of any kind. Vegetarianism is the practice of a diet that excludes meat (including game and slaughter by-products; fish, shellfish and other sea animals; and poultry). There are several variants of the diet, some of which also exclude eggs.
Diet Vegans do not consume meat, eggs, milk, honey or any food that is derived from animals. Do not eat meat or fish. Some do consume dairy and some vegetarians consume eggs. Lacto-vegetarian: eating dairy products. Ovo-vegetarian: eating eggs. Do not eat gelatin or other animal by products.
Products Do not use any animal derived products, e.g. fur, leather, wool, etc. Do not condone the use of animal testing. While vegetarians do not eat meat, most vegetarians do not mind using other animal-derived products, e.g. fur, leather, or wool.

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An extensive study published in June 2013 shows that vegetarians live longer than meat eaters and are 19% less likely to die from heart disease. The study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, a Journal of the American Medical Association, was covered by the Wall Street Journal. Other key findings from the study include:

A rebuttal of the media reports of this study argues that correlation does not imply causation, and that the longer life span of vegetarians found in the study could also be attributed to the fact that the vegetarian group tended to exercise more, be married, consume less alcohol and smoke less compared with the meat-eating group.

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October 17, 2013, 9:03pm

A plant based diet has been proven to be beneficial in GI cancers.
Now go argue with the top oncologists and convince them the typical meat eating diet is healthy <insert sarcasm>. Ha! You meat eaters are the ones supporting big Pharma! Thanks! CV disease & type 2 diabetes would be nearly non-existent IF Americans changed their diet to a plant based diet and walked a mile a day.

— 74.✗.✗.92

August 6, 2013, 2:45pm

I think to call anyone a Moron or name simply because of a lifestyle they choose is totally disrespectful and ignorant. There are pros & cons to everything in life. People who haven't been exposed to something or view something as different than what they are used to. often aren't open minded & are quick to criticize. I think we all should respect one another & live & let live. If a Vegan is trying to inform you of something, all you have to do is listen or get the information yourself. They don't impose their will on you or anyone, so labelling anyone different than you is out of line. Power to them & power to those who choose to eat meat. It's a choice, just like choosing to practice religion, or choosing to be a Democrat or Republican. These are very personal choices & nobody should ridiculed or made to feel bad because of their choice....the bottom line is, when you believe in something, you tend to share it. Information is power & having the right to choose is too. Don't get angry when people are trying to share their bit of knowledge or education with you. Just be yourself & make your own decisions without compromising anyone's dignity, including yours!

— 206.✗.✗.12

June 17, 2013, 8:22pm

people lets use common sense it is scientifically proven that cholesterol in meat is not safe for our life since it causes many diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack and stroke.i do not know you can kill yourself like this with something that is not safe to use. i know people want to increase their life expectancy but why do you eat ignorantly? come on people meat is the great killer in the world of today that any kingdom that ever killed even in the world your life by eating herbs which are plants.

— 196.✗.✗.2

May 9, 2013, 4:53am

One looks at the animal kingdom and says "Look at all the animals eating each other, it is natural" I say yes, it is natural for animals to behave like animals. It is basic knowledge to know fruits and vegetables are healthy. Is it also common knowledge that meat is healthy? If the answer is not clear, then more people should be seeking light on the subject. Overall we are to attached to the pleasure from good tasting foods, instead of the food that is good. Be conscious of what you eat. Would you rather kill your food or grab it from the earth it.

— 70.✗.✗.140

April 10, 2013, 7:13pm

I lost so much weight trying a vegetarian diet that I had to put another notch in my leather belt.

— 98.✗.✗.71

April 7, 2013, 1:50am

Hey, weve evolved over millions of years and as evidenced from the assortment of teeth, some for grinding, some for tearing, its obvious we are designed to comsume both. The problen is with the food supply. It has been tainted by man's greedy nature towards greed. So they inject everything with growth hormones, antibiotics, keep the animals in very dirty enviroments full of disease, bacteria, and of course this gets in the meat and transferred to us. Anyways I eat small pprtions, I buy the more expensive steroid/growth hormone free. And eat alot of organic veggies and fruits. I stay away from cheese and milk. Almond milk is my choice, its great. Stay away from refined white sugar, aspartame, corn syrup, soda, no fried or frozen micro-wave crap, etc. I feel great at 53 and look it too.

— 24.✗.✗.47

November 3, 2012, 10:44am

Been a vegetarian 39 years...reason is not because I LOve animals...its because I hate Vegetables...!! horrible little Xfgagstds!.Kill vegetables every day.

— 139.✗.✗.6

August 15, 2012, 7:04pm

wake up people!eating flesh or dead body of animals is no more safe.Run for your life now!Save it for yourself and for those who love and need you.

— Mr.

December 14, 2011, 5:38pm

to the man asking if we would let our children go hungry or feed them a tasty burger, who's father was man enough to hunt and if we don't want to eat meat then fine stop forcing it upon others. You are being hypocritical, you are trying to demean others by saying your father was 'man enough'. Well, I am WOMAN enough, to find just as many nutrients and delicious foods for my child with my lifestyle. So who are YOU to judge us and what we believe. Yes, eating meats has been around since the beginning of time and is quite natural for most, but while you are typing on your laptop maybe you need to think about how many things have changed in all that time and there are plenty of other options out there for many people. You think that because you sit over there and say that we shouldn't press our beliefs, maybe you shouldn't press yours. And you are with your examples of why it's more beneficial to eat meat. So, like you said, you have your beliefs and we'll have ours. Maybe you should think next time before you think you're making a valid argument.

— 68.✗.✗.248

November 27, 2011, 2:08am

I have just read everyone's comments. It's amazing how we treat each other. No wonder countries have trouble getting along, when we can't even get along on a plain informative site. Wow!

I came here to get information on how to become a vegetarian. It pains me to know animals are being tortured to feed us; as I look at my little dog and love her like she was my baby, I wonder what is the difference between her life and a cows. Then I start to think about how we can eat cow and if I would want to eat my dog. Of course the answer is no way.

I have not used leather in years to prevent encouraging the sale and killing of the animals for it.

I have to admit I naturally hated meat as a child, and was forced to eat it anyway, so now i love meat and am not sure how to stop eating it. But I do want to stop, so gathering information on what to replace it with in my menu, and how will it affect me physically.

I also feel that ALL life, including plants, are beautiful and sacred. But I also believe that the circle of life is to eat what we need and to not waste, as the process goes on with our elimination and back into the earth.

I do not condemn those who love meat because I get it. I am a person who just cannot face a plate of meat knowing it used to be breathing, living, and is just like me - meat. It pains me the thought of eating an animal - I love animals so much.

There are animals that are vegetarians - they don't eat meat, and yet they are big enough to look like they do. It's awesome to know that ..

Play safe here, nobody is here to do anything but get information. So why bash each other? Get along people - pls.

— 69.✗.✗.232

October 27, 2011, 3:36am

Thank you for the information. For anyone who thinks that people are crazy for not eating meat, you might want to consider doing a little research about the "benefits" that so many of you are claiming. A simple web search for "animal protein and cancer" will reveal some shocking results. Some of you (me included) are being irresponsible with your own lives. I love to eat meat, but I just don't think the risks are worth it anymore.

— 98.✗.✗.65

June 19, 2011, 9:39pm

I'm curious. Are there any Obstetritians or Pediatricians viewing this? I wonder how this effects unborn, developing babies? I hear so much about how supplements are not absorbed into the body as well as receiving the nutrients from the actual food sources. Would a Vegan diet not be harmful or lacking to the propper developement of an embrio?


— 173.✗.✗.111

November 23, 2010, 12:08am

i don't understand why non vegans and non vegetarians have taken it upon themselves to locate this website and thrash others about their beliefs. i mean seriously, have you nothing better to do with your lives? i've recently made the decision to go vege and i'm really happy about it. it is tough and i would appreciate some advice from others like myself. you all (non vegans and non vegetarians) may have a problem with the lifestyle but it is what makes people happy. live your own life and have some respect please.

— 190.✗.✗.226

October 22, 2010, 1:12pm

didn't you just see what i wrote? 1 acre of land will produce 250lbs of beef (animal meat) while 1 acre will produce 40,000 lbs of potatoes. You think there will be more Hunger if the world is vegan? I don't think so. "The smartest thing we could do as a human race is be Vegan".

— 24.✗.✗.111

October 5, 2010, 1:07pm

I'm pretty sure we are on a vegan/vegetarian informational website. So, to all the people that took offense and spoke arrogantly & defensively towards the vegans/vegetarians that commented... why dont you redirect yourself to a more properly suited site for whatever your beliefs are. Nobody thats here to learn is interested in the stupidity numerous people have displayed. They are free to state their reasons for being vegan/vegetarian. Go find a meat eaters website and talk your smack there if you are still so defensive

— 74.✗.✗.55

April 2, 2010, 7:01am

someone called vegans morons and then wrote about putting things in our outh (i assume they ment mouth) moron
another peson said if we all thought like vegans think of the job loss and hunger, im vegan and im fat, now if every person was vegan for 1 day a week there would be no world hunger, no drought and no global warming, how much plant matter and water does it take to grow 1kg of beef, well it takes about 1500 times as much water and god only knows how much food, and if everyone stoped eating as much meat there would not be as much cows being breed, so they would not fart as much spilling methane in the atmosphere causing global warming, infact the air would be cleaner with more plant life, as for job loss think about it if 20% of the butchers get retrenced cause we eat 20% less meat then there would be 20% more green grocers, dont get me wrong im vegan cause i dont like some animals and i dont want them inside me, so eat meat if you want just cut back on it a little

— 114.✗.✗.32

March 10, 2010, 2:51am

Why does it bother someone so much what someone else is eating? Believe what you want, eat what you want, and don't worry about what other people do.

— 65.✗.✗.9

January 25, 2010, 6:49am

I don't understand how we can justify the killing of something that has just as much of a capacity to feel pain, and emotions as we do. Anyone who doesn't think animals can feel is seriously out of touch with reality, and comparing the consumption of plants to that of an animal is a tremendously stupid thing to do. I truly fear for our planet when people can't be bothered to make such simple decisions, when a beings life is a stake.

— 67.✗.✗.53

September 23, 2009, 7:46pm

I really think that being vegetarian is only a transitional state to becoming a vegan. I just read an article on how vegan diet is more beneficial than vegetarian here - although it is still a choice to personal growth and evolution that only the individual can make.

— 64.✗.✗.57

August 24, 2009, 4:03am

But Vegan ARE holy-er than thou... Is that not easy to see. Think about. How can you call yourself a spiritual being if you exploit another living thing... I don't know. It just seems wrong to me. I'll even go as far as to shame on Tibetan monks for their butter and barley! Surely the village cow treated with respect and equality is more acknowledging, but really, how would you like it if people were tuggin on YOUR nipples all the time. That's just wrong... am I wrong, I don't know...?

— 69.✗.✗.114

July 1, 2009, 10:40pm

Sorry, but if you eat eggs you are not a vegan, even if your chickens are raised in humane conditions. You would be an ovo-vegetarian and props to you for eating your protein from a humane source.
I'm pretty sure that B12 is only in animal products, however it may be in fruits and vegetables as well, just in minuscule amounts, so I would recommend taking a supplement anyways.
Also, I disagree with the person who says we are changing our nature by being vegetarian. Yes, our bodies are built to eat, process, and digest vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and meats, but think of how few people really eat all of those food each day. Most of us eat refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup every day which our body is not designed to eat, and anyways most humans always try to "improve" themselves, which could be changing their "nature." I don't believe someones nature is fixed. Our bodies and our personalities are malleable.

— 71.✗.✗.57

April 15, 2014, 10:53pm

i am still figuing out what im going to do......... i like eggs but if i go vegan then that is purrfect because i rarly eat eggs oor drink milk......... so what should i do.... btw the reason i am going one or the other is because i reasontly saw a clip on the news that is what they do to the animals!!!!!!! i am not pleased..... >:(

— 99.✗.✗.17

April 8, 2014, 5:25pm

I stopped eating meat about 4 months ago really because I felt like when I ate meat it seamed to just sit in my stomach and made me feel sick, now I can't believe how much better I feel! I do eat fish and dairy tho. One of the side effects of going meatless is I also lost 25 lbs!

— 67.✗.✗.191

March 19, 2014, 12:56am

If its wronge to kill a animal isn't it wronge to kill all things living

— 172.✗.✗.170

March 9, 2014, 11:53pm

Get a grip all of you. If it wasn't for mankind breeding cattle for food every single one of us wouldn't be alive today, vegan, veggie or carnivore. Our sun is a variable star, it increases and decreases in size thus causing an ice age around every 25,000 years. We are long over due one and it is strongly believed the methane produced from farming cattle is one of the key contributors in staving off the latest big freeze. So like it or not, breeding for our own consumption has saved your life. And it just so happens to taste lovely. I like my steak blue. The bloodier the better. Why burn off all the goodness? And so what if I am 20% more likely to die earlier than a veggie?? Life doesn't look too appealing after the age of 70 anyway. Who'd want to live to 100 years old sitting in a care home in your own bodily fluids? Not for me.

— 212.✗.✗.197

February 24, 2014, 4:07pm

I guess I can sort of understand not eating meat, but why do you not eat eggs or dairy? You do know that those eggs in the grocery store are unfertilized and would never hatch, don't you? Cows give milk, which is made to make cheese, butter, cream, etc. No harm is done to the cow. If the cow is not milked, it will cause complications and possibly death. Did you know that? We raise our own meat and also hunt and fish. I will buy meat, but only when I am out of "fresh" meat from our backyard. If animals were not killed to feed us, they would go extinct. If everyone was vegan or vegetarian, it would cause more harm to animals.

— 98.✗.✗.56

February 20, 2014, 9:01pm

Hey even birthday cake gots eggs in cake or ice cream. Life jus Aint worth livin

— 66.✗.✗.3

December 21, 2013, 6:50am

Veganism and vegetarianism are both personal choices, just like being carnivorous. However, animals don't have that choice as they are predisposed to instinctually partaking in or obstaining from meat consumption. As an obstainer, I find that many people assume that I do not condone a carnivorous appetite and thus undermine them as a person. However, I feel more pressure from others to partake in meat consumption than support in my abstinence, and that's disappointing.

— 184.✗.✗.63

September 1, 2013, 4:23pm

guys lets not use our emotions when dealing with the topic but rather we should face facts.the planet we are living in is no longer safe for us,everything need someone who do things very careful and effectively.i can hear the comments that are uttered so its wise to take the right advises that are free from emotions because emotions blind the person from hearing the truth.

— 62.✗.✗.94

August 3, 2013, 1:35am

All I would like to say is to each their own. People have their right to choose whatever they want for their own life.. I just wish some would educate themselves before bashing others lifestyle.

— 132.✗.✗.78

June 11, 2012, 7:53am

The Paleolithic Diet ( is the way to go, only eat things that need no fire to prepare. good, as they are poisonous without cooking. Grains and legumes, uh uh, as they need to have their seed coat broken through heat to actually be digested. Use foods that are grown and able to be ingested without fire.
Also, spend 90 minutes watching this Youtube by Dr. Robert Lustig.
It will change your life, Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat eater or whatever. Its the sugar that is getting us sick and causing diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

— 173.✗.✗.46

May 24, 2012, 7:13pm

To all the people who are ignorant to the health of their diet and ridicule people who chose to eat a healthier diet and take control of their life style, please keep ur comments and less nutritional calories to yourself. A little education goes a long way!! It is difficult to completely change your diet especially if you have been eating a certain way for your entire life, it's not easy but it can be done u just need motivation. My motivation is to add 20 more years onto my life and not just add years, but add healthy and more productive years. My personal goal is to live until 100 and that is certainly not going to happen eating the foods that most people currently eat!

— 174.✗.✗.141

April 2, 2012, 4:52pm

Diana - I am on day 4 of juice fasting. Have lost 7 lbs. You asked where to go from here? I recommend the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrmann. It is a plant based, nutrient rich diet. His research is thorough, including the China Project where they discovered that the group in China that didn't eat meat or dairy had almost no heart disease or cancer. My husband and I are going to follow a plant based diet after our juice fast. That doesn't mean we are vegetarian or vegan necessarily. Philosophicly we aren't in that group. We just want to keep our weight down, feel good and avoid cancer and heart disease. And eventally will probably add fish or chicken once a week. Still not sure about milk though. May try almond or soy milk.

— 71.✗.✗.234

February 2, 2012, 5:02pm

The oceans of the world are nothing but giant food farms; the largest meat market in the Solar System. Billions of creatures are swallowed whole by other creatures each hour. The entire ecosystem is founded upon creatures consuming creatures, from the largest fish to the smallest fungus. Does “Mother” have no conscience? This is obviously the way the Nature works. She doesn’t seem to be impressed by vegans.

— 24.✗.✗.30

January 8, 2012, 5:32pm

There is an ever-increasing number of vegans who merely wish to eat healthier and/or counteract the effects of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We do not worship the sanctity of animal life over human life and do not carry much of the socio-political baggage of the traditional "vegan" crowd. I enjoy wearing leather (especially my 30-yr.-old motorcycle jacket) and while I envy my meateater friends, I hold no ill will towards them.

— 74.✗.✗.90

December 14, 2011, 5:47pm

for people questioning a fetus getting proper nutrients, I know that iron and protein are huge factors. I am anemic and have been since I was little. I grew up in a meat eating family and I took supplements. No, they are not enough. However, as I got older and educated myself, you can find iron and protein in many other sources of food. I eat bean patty's for my burger. Beans, all sorts of beans are an amazing source of both. And they are REAL food so your body, and the fetus will absorb them directly. If you do enough research, any peds doctor will have to agree that you can get those nutrients from many other sources than meat and as long as the fetus/children are getting it, it doesn't matter where from (except pill form)

— 68.✗.✗.248

September 10, 2011, 4:32pm

I'm a card carrying member of P.E.T.A. - People Eating Tasty Animals. Humans can eat whatever is available - and have for milennia. Sometimes we have no choice! Would you rather watch your hungry child waste away, or feed him or her a tasty burger? No choice there, people! My dad was man enough to hunt so he could put food on the table. Grocery stores aren't in business for philanthropic purposes - they're in it for the profit, so buying groceries isn't always an option. Therefore, meat, which is readily available and VERY nutritious and quite delicious if cooked correctly, then WHY NOT?? If it's offensive to you, then don't eat it. But don't go around preaching to we meat eaters how you're somehow better than us - THAT'S offensive.

— 66.✗.✗.174

July 30, 2011, 3:42am

A couple of clarifications here for earlier posters: Mr. "cows give milk for life" - A mature dairy cow will provide peak milk production for only 40 to 60 days after calving (giving birth), they are then bred and give birth again about 300 days later. So a dairy cow averages one birth per year. What happens to those calves? A few females are eventually used for dairy, but the vast majority is raised for eventual slaughter. To Mr. "an acre provides 40,000 lbs of potatoes without killing animals" - a single acre harvested mechanically kills thousands of small mammals either directly by the machinery or through the subsequent exposure to predators and elements after the vegetative cover is removed. I support anyone's right to choose vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous diet, but I cannot abide shallow and incomplete thinking.

— 97.✗.✗.236

July 14, 2011, 8:55am

Lets try it for 30 days. That will clarify everything. 30 days without meat..lets see how it feels.

— 192.✗.✗.207

June 20, 2011, 8:49pm

I also would like to add that when my child was an infant the doctors told me he wasn't getting enough iron because his hemoglobin was low. I was told that Iron rich foods such as livermush mixed in infant cereal would increase his iron intake. At the time I was only feeding him baby food vegetables. I added livermush to his diet and his hemoglobin count went up. There is a reason that we eat meat. It is because of the nutrition it provides. I don't eat animals because I love to kill them, I eat them because without them, I wouldn't get enough iron and protein in my diet. I respect everyone's opinion and right to eat what they choose, just don't tell me that meat will make me unhealthy when in fact the opposite is true.

— 173.✗.✗.180

June 20, 2011, 8:43pm

I have a question . I have heard of several families who actually eat nothing but raw meat and swear it is the healthiest way to live. Someone tried to cook their meat for them and they were offended ! I am a meat eater but I can't imagine eating all of it raw. So if eating meat is so unhealthy, how unhealthy is it to eat meat raw?

— 173.✗.✗.180

April 4, 2011, 5:03am

Great article on differences between vegan and vegetarian views. Regarding the vegan lifestyle of avoiding animal products and animal flesh to eat, my question is why have a preference for fauna (animals) over flora (plants)? Vegans will not chew the flesh but will eat the plant. Why do vegans seek to preserve a living thing of the animal world but are happy to have killed and eaten a living thing of the plant world? Why?

Plants are living things too, you know. I am a meat eater who believes in freedom f choice but the above conundrums puzzle me. Thanks for any enlightenment by vegans or vegetarians.

— 98.✗.✗.211

February 12, 2011, 4:31pm

What has our world come to that we as a people cannot respect the wishes of others. Whether vegan, vegetarian or meat eater your decision is between you and God above. Anything that any of us deem to be so good, can also be harmful, so whether you prefer meat or not, animal products or not, it is your decision. Just be careful of what you do, how you do it and how much of it you do. Take care of your own body, and let others worry about their own. One other things never allow anyone to push your buttons that you get so upset at what they chose to eat or not, your rant and raving cause others to think maybe, just maybe the other person is right. Now go and enjoy life and take care of yourselves to the best of your abilities.

— 75.✗.✗.54

February 6, 2011, 10:31pm

lets just end this discussion now. ALL THREE SIDES ARE RIGHT, proof is in the pudding, the bible shows that before original sin, man ate fruit and vegetables, after original sin, meat was added to the menu. ALSO, there are many animals who eat mainly plants (like pandas, gorillas, and hippos) who still have quite sizable canines, and they use them for self defense and eating.

— 74.✗.✗.216

January 22, 2011, 8:15am

I get sicker when I see people quoting religion than eating "bad" food... That's all. I have nothing else to add on the subject Vegan vs Vegetarian. Nice article. It answered my question.

— 94.✗.✗.13

January 19, 2011, 11:24am

It's amazing how many comments there are to slander those who made a lifestyle choice for personal beliefs while also justifying their own. We all choose for emotional reasons, but different bases of the emotion. Personally, I've now chosen a vegetarian diet because of my health. I'm now *VERY* lactose intolerant and "Pearls" & probotics don't work anymore. Also, my cholesterol is too high. Now at 40, I'm very healthy and want to stay that way for 40+ more years. The book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (+25 years of clinical research) says: If it has a mother or a face you can't eat it, and NO oils. Plants only! After a lifetime of steak, cheeseburgers & Jack-in-the-Box, it's VERY hard to change, but I now have more energy than I had in my 20's. Sucks to cook all the time, though, but it's worth it. Check out "The China Study" for more.

— 68.✗.✗.134

January 15, 2011, 4:10pm

The problem with humans today is that we can't agree to disagree. There is nothing wrong with being vegetarian or vegan or eating meat. God
provided both for our beneifit. Everything in moderation though. We are allowing ourselves to become divided and fighting over a food choice when there are much greater problems going on in the world today. Truth is both sides on here are getting deffensive and being rediculous. To each his own and lets not get angry at one another for life choices. The Bible clearly states that "Anything you eat passes through the stomach and then goes out of the body. 18 But evil words come from an evil heart and defile a person who says them ." Matthew 15:17-18
*And true this is a website for getting good information so lets just use it for that purpose.

— 24.✗.✗.29

December 22, 2010, 8:39pm

Just to add a thought, not to bash a belief of ones personal life choice. If you claim to believe in the belief of god which many vegans do, then you can also agree with the human anatomy that was given to us by a superior being. Why do we have canine teeth? What's the purpose of these? To shred or help in the process of making meat smaller for consumption.. Also if vegans claim to be on th same level as living animals then why do animals depend on the aspect of predation. All these questions have not been answered. It's not a civil bashing from meat eaters towards vegans or vegetarians, it's just the simplicity of you not fully understanding what your life choice is.

— 166.✗.✗.123

December 10, 2010, 12:22am

To each its own, I just wanted to know the difference. Meat for life!!

— 69.✗.✗.226

July 26, 2010, 3:53am

i totally agree with this post - by on 2010-06-24 12:26:23

plants are living too.. and nature intended us to eat both plants and animals..

i would rather prefer the simple reason for eating vegetables is for health reasons (because we all know vegetables are healthier than meat and science does back this up) and not because we want to stop being cruel to animals..

still we should respect people (vegans or vegetarians) who decide not to eat animal meat or by products for their own reasoning, no matter how wrong this reasons may seem to us..

kris' recipe is simple, making a new unvegan enticing lunch

— 112.✗.✗.80

June 21, 2010, 4:10am

I just started being a vegan and I love it. I feel better, I have lost weight, I have more energy. Sure it has taken time to get used to the low sugar amounts and meat cravings but my body feels better. When I heard about what those factories do to butcher the animals and how our dairy cows are mistreated I was sick. I don't want to eat something that has been infested with antibiotics and hormones so people can get rich and mass produce these products. Let's use our brain people, we are the only species that drinks another mammals breat milk. that is gross! You wouldn't suck your mom's tit as an adult, why are we sucking on cows?

— 98.✗.✗.78

April 5, 2010, 5:48am

I personally dont eat meat, but I hate the instinct argument people throw out all the time. Maybe man was meant to eat meat, but what humans have done is make it a MASS production and slaughter all day every day. There is nothing normal about that. Does a lion kill a whole pack of zebra for dinner or just one, feed and then goes about his business. We are the only living things that hoard more than we possibly need. Not to mention how unsafe we have made our food by pumping it full of hormones, additive and anti biotics. Is it wrong that tyson chicken re engineered how the chicken is grown? Making it produce more white meat in half the time? I dont see how people eat food like this not to mention we are hurting these animals during. When did killing our meal become less intimate? We dont mind wasting and hurting... its sad really.

— 98.✗.✗.69

October 26, 2009, 11:12pm

Really mean people here. Bet he wouldn't talk like that to your face. Hope he chokes on a pork chop. OH, that wasn't nice of me. This place makes people mean

— 24.✗.✗.45

October 9, 2009, 7:06am

Isn't a plant a living thing? What is special about animals?

— 99.✗.✗.211

September 16, 2009, 3:25am

do vegans and vegetarians wear leather??

— 68.✗.✗.240

July 14, 2009, 2:45am

i am all for believing in the "to each his own" kind of thing. as long as vegetarians/vegans don't begin their oh-holier-than-thou speeches and leave meat eaters alone, i think that meat eaters will also stop becoming so critical and sometimes violent towards vegan/vegetarian people. some people actually LIKE eating meat, by choice, and even with the knowledge of its dangers. i guess my point here is that we should leave each other to decide what kind of dietary regiments we follow, meat-eating or otherwise.

— 121.✗.✗.50

June 28, 2009, 5:58pm

all of you are crazy, if it came down to it, i would eat you if i had to

— 98.✗.✗.195

June 26, 2009, 6:43pm

Well, I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but I'm trying to become a person that doesn't eat meat. I don't know if I want to be a Vegan or be a Vegetarian. But see, my dad has 12 chickens, and they have very good living conditions. They lay eggs when they want to, not when we want them to. We collect eggs from them and they are enough to feed a family of three and have some still left over to give away in the summer, and enough to still feed us in the winter. Does that mean I can't be a Vegan? Because even though they are eggs the animals that laid them are very well taken care of. Isn't the whole point of being a Vegetarian/Vegan not eating meat from abused animals? Excuse my spelling.

— 65.✗.✗.96

June 4, 2009, 2:09am

Vitamin B12 can be found in citris and leafy green vegetables

— 67.✗.✗.108

May 27, 2009, 7:18pm

You down there calling us crazy or whatever, guess what! YOU SUCK! And your a bitch! A big fat screwy stupid dumbass bitch! If we don't want to kill over two thousand animals in our life in that's our business! So fuck off and get a life! BITCH!!!

— 98.✗.✗.40

May 26, 2009, 5:37pm

I'm sorry darling, but you should try to be a little more respectful toward other people's beliefs.
Thank you.

— 208.✗.✗.40

April 26, 2009, 3:35pm

Pardon me for pointing this out, but since B12 was invented in 1948, in the grand scheme of things, Veganism is a relatively new phenomenon. Without B12 and other amino acid supplements, a "true" Vegan would have died from anemia. To me this merely points out that a true "Vegan" has a screw loose in their head. On the other hand, a vegetarian is also ignoring their true nature, given the fact of evolution that you were'nt born with flat plant-grinding teeth throughout your entire outh.

— 75.✗.✗.76

September 19, 2013, 10:45pm

"Meat is alive, then dead when we eat it. Plants are alive when we eat them, not dead. I prefer to consume life, over death."--Please explain that one. Unless you eat the plants while they are still in the ground, they are dead when you eat them. True, you can pick a plant out of the ground and it takes a bit of time to completely die. But by the time you buy it at the store, it's dead. It's dead when you cook it.

— 97.✗.✗.203

September 19, 2013, 10:42pm

I love the folks who "quote" the Bible to tell us that God doesn't want us to eat meat, yet, leave out Leviticus 11:1-47 and Genesis 9:3. You want to be vegan, that's great. More power to you, but find a better argument to try and convince others.

— 97.✗.✗.203

August 22, 2013, 4:12am

Its fine for people to be vegans just accept it its a way of life

— 74.✗.✗.238

August 19, 2013, 3:22am

I have to point out that the earth without plants or animals of any kind is a dead planet with no atmosphere and incapable of supporting life. And when the sun expands into a red giant the earth will be baked to a crisp and its atmosphere burned away. When the sun then goes nova all the inner planets will be destroyed. Its only a matter of time. Learn to read a science book sometime before you comment.

As for humans. We are omnivores as our teeth plainly show. We evolved that way over millions of years. We eat plants and animals. To eat neither is to deny basic human evolution. We naturally crave things that are fatty, salty and sweet. That is a natural diet. We were hunters long before we were farmers.

— 173.✗.✗.234

May 9, 2013, 4:31am

Meat is alive, then dead when we eat it. Plants are alive when we eat them, not dead. I prefer to consume life, over death.

— 70.✗.✗.140

April 26, 2013, 10:14pm

Riddle me this, plant-lovers:

Why do we save the trees and animals, yet kill our own unborn? If killing animals is "inhumane", we delcare our hipocrisy.

— 71.✗.✗.201

April 26, 2013, 10:10pm

Vegans have asked me why I would love a puppy and eat a pig.
Because the puppy isn't filled with tasty bacon.

And who says I don't eat dog? It tastes alot like chicken :3

— 71.✗.✗.201

July 24, 2012, 4:32am

Some observations:
I'm not sure that these strict diets and strict exercise programs are good for anyone.
There are more women who are vegans than men. Why?
Women have to grow up much faster than men. Men can be children until they die.
Exercise in moderation is good.
Sugar and fast foods are not good.
I respect people who are healthy, no matter what they eat. Though I'm a "vegetarian", I was extremely healthy until I was brutally assaulted in the hospital and now I'm fighting for my life. Day by day.
Drugs and vitamins are the bane of our modern society.
I do not want sympathy. I want justice and a way to live.

— 72.✗.✗.191

April 24, 2010, 8:28am

These are the same people who don't care if a human dies, but if an animal dies they are heartbroken. The very fact that vegans have to take supplements is proof that humans need meat and other animal products. Almost all people who do not have a high enough red blood cell count are vegetarian/vegan. Several species of animals have been domesticated by humans, and now we owe it to them to continue to raise them and use them for food. Sure, in a perfect world animals wouldn't need human care, and humans could have a healthy diet without animals or supplements, but this is not a perfect world. I've tried tofu, and it is nowhere near as good as a rare steak (I like the extra bloody taste.) I want to conclude by saying I'm not against eating healthy or on a diet. I'm cutting out excess sugar by drinking milk instead of soda. Am I bad because milk typically comes from a cow? Put human needs above animal needs. Also, if you could bring back that human breast milk in ice cream...

— 24.✗.✗.164

December 2, 2010, 11:29pm

pardon my asking ok... but what the hell are u achieving by not eating meat? the animals will still be killed for the food. only because they are not being eaten by the vegan/veggie population, some of them will die in vain. i mean come on... im an animal rights activist, but i see no point in damaging my body's health. when it comes down to animal testing etc, i go off like a firework. i hate that shit, i would love to massacre the people that do it. and the same for puppy farm owners (the abusive kind). BUT! not eating honey, or drinking milk because it comes from an animal? well im sorry but that is just ridiculous and really achieves nothing. let me ask you people a question; a human woman has milk only after giving birth for a while. a female cow has milk throughout its life. now considering its calves will only drink that milk whilst they are young... who else will drink the milk? why would God put it there? to be consumed! as long as there is no abuse involved... whats wrong? x

— 92.✗.✗.111

June 24, 2010, 12:26pm

Plants are living, breathing creatures also. They grow, they feel, they sense, yet vegans and vegitarians have no problem ripping these living beings to shreds.

Just because it doesn't have two eyes and a mouth, doesn't mean its not alive. Its still a living miracle, no less precious then a pig or cow. Infact, some plants have lived far longer then your family tree can stretch back... and then we just chop em down and write your vegan restaraunt menu on them.

My suggestion to you is to just stop eating. you obviously fail at life (literally). Humans are on an evolutionary step backwards thanks to modern society. Warning labels on everything, Warning on the Hot Coffee at mcdonalds, warnings about your car's cruise control doesn't mean you can leave the wheel... If this isn't evidence enough, Full grown adults are now forgetting that they need to eat in order to live... sad times to live in.

one final point, All life on planet earth requires the sacrifice of other life. Its natu

— 69.✗.✗.192

May 6, 2010, 11:39pm

An interesting factoid for those that are vegans.. When you consume your soy products to avoid harm to animals, You are really killing thousands of them.. The combine machines that mass harvest soy kill thousands of small field animals every harvest. Squirrels, rabbits, mice, and plenty of other field animals are blended into a bloody mass while the combine machine is feeding vegans. So meat may be murder but so is the vegan and vegitarian lifestyle as well. In my opinion it is quite hypocritical to be vegan.. That choice seems counter-intuitive. We are omnivorous beings thus the sharp ripping teeth in the front of our mouths and the flat grinding teeth in the back of our mouths. I would rather kill 1 animal to feed 50 people than to kill thousands to feed 1 person.

Just my 2 cents worth.

— 68.✗.✗.62

December 3, 2009, 2:55pm

...the animal you so love, protect, and respect will eat you when they get hungry - it's called instinct...that's why we call them animals, or be eaten...I'd rather eat!

— 199.✗.✗.10

July 14, 2010, 4:21am

'Why does it bother someone so much what someone else is eating? Believe what you want, eat what you want, and don't worry about what other people do.'

Because what you eat affects the same planet that I live on. The mass production of animals uses drinking water, crop land, etc. inefficiently. FACT: 1 acre of beef produces 250 lbs of food while 1 acre of potatoes equals 40,000 lbs of food. 1 cow drinks enough water to float a small ship. Animal waste run off, Methane gas produced from farm raised animals, heart disease, synthetic meds release in the form of human urine into water table /soil because of high LDL, fossil fuel use for production of animal food/products. FACT: 3x's or more fossil fuel is needed to produce animal foods/product than vegetables. It goes on and on. All negatives not one positive. If you really want to get nutrition out of animal meat you need to eat the meat raw.

— 24.✗.✗.111

January 25, 2010, 9:50am

just think of all the more hunger in this world not to mention job loss if we all thought like one of those vegan morons!! hahaha eeediots. no but seriously its fine if you realy believe that its wrong but you can keep it to yourself and leave the rest of us out of it!!!

— 74.✗.✗.246
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