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1080p versus 1440p comparison chart
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Resolution 1920x1080 (about 2 million pixels) Usually 2560x1440 but can have larger width. The height is always 1440 pixels. It is a high-definition (HD) video standard between 1080p and 4K i.e., it is better than 1080p but not as good as 4K.
Display Technology Progressive (that's what the "p" stands for) Progressive (that's what the "p" stands for)
HDTV Usage The FCC includes 1080p in its definition of high-definition (HD) quality video. 1080p is the most widely used HDTV format now, eclipsing 720p. 4K (Ultra HD) is a newer, higher-resolution format than 1080p. 1440p is more common in monitors, including larger wide-screen and curved monitors. TVs these days are more commonly 4K or 1080p rather than QHD (1440p).
Also known as Full HD, FHD Quad HD, QHD
Aspect ratio 16:9 Usually 16:9 but some wide and ultrawide monitors may have greater width.


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