Antibodies cling onto antigens to either sterilize or kill the target cell. Other than that, they are very different in function. Antigens are locks or security gates in a cell, Antibodies are weapons or keys to attack and destroy a cell. They are ultimately two opposite things.

Here is a video explaining the difference:

Comparison chart

Antibody versus Antigen comparison chart
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What it is A chemical that attaches to the antigen in order to sterilize or kill the cell. A 'hook' in the cell's surface, partially responsible for what goes in and out of the body.
Significance Medium; needed for the destruction of pathogens in the body. High; exists in almost every cell in the entire world.
Importance High; without it a lot of us would probably be dead by a virus attack. Very high; needed for controlling what goes in and out of the cell. Very important for it's inner function.
Complexity Very High; Complex chemical that bonds to a very specific Antigen. Medium; exists due to random mutations in the cell's gene.

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