Both Apples and Lemon are fruits. Apples are larger and sweet - lemons are smaller and sour. Apples are red (or green when unripe), lemons are yellow.

Comparison chart

Apples versus Lemon comparison chart
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Family Rosaceae Rutaceae
Kingdom Plantae Plantae
Magnesium Yes 7 mg 8mg per 100g
Other minerals Traces of iron, zinc, manganese and copper Traces of selenium, zinc, manganese and copper
Calcium Yes 9.5 mg 26mg per 100g
Iron In traces 0.6mg per 100g
Phosphorous Yes 9.5 mg 16mg per 100g
Vitamin C Yes 9 mg 53 mg per 100g
Potassium Yes 158mg 138mg per 100g
Fat 0 g 0.2
Vitamin A Yes 73 IU 22 IU per 100g
Calories 77 29
Genus Malus Citrus
Order Rosales Sapindales
Acidity Yes pH level is around 3.3 pH level 2
Species M. domestica Citrus x limon, among others

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