Bluepill and Redpill are terms from the movie The Matrix and related games such as The Matrix Online and Matrix:Path of Neo.

Redpill is a term that describes a human that has been freed from the Matrix, whereas bluepill describes two different types of people in the Matrix: those that are completely unaware since birth of their status as a pod-born human, and those who, at some point, are presented with a choice and choose to forget this information.

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In the movie The Matrix, Morpheus wants to free Neo from his pod. So he tells Neo the truth about the Matrix (a simulated, virtual world) and the real world. The truth is not pleasant - life outside the Matrix is difficult and humans are at war wtih the machines. So Morpheus offers Neo the choice of going back to the virtual world and forget the harsh reality. He offers Neo two pills - the blue pill will make him forget the encounter with Morpheus (and, therefore, reality) and the red pill will be Neo's agreement to accept the truth, be freed from his pod and live in the real world .

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