Every jungle is a forest but not every forest is a jungle. A jungle is a dense forest. e.g. the Amazon rainforest.

Comparison chart

Forest versus Jungle comparison chart
Edit this comparison chartForestJungle
Penetrability Penetrable Impenetrable
Size Very Large 20% of Forest
Contents Forests contain many tree species of all varieties. However, not many different species may be found in the same forest. Jungle includes young trees, vines and lianas, and herbaceous plants
Zonal Presence Forests are present in both equatorial and tropical climatic zones Jungles are present in both equatorial and tropical climatic zones
Origin of Word The word forest eventually came to mean wooded land more generally The word jungle originates from a Sanskrit word jangala, meaning "forest".
Types Boreal forests, rain forests, tropical forests etc. Jungle is a type of rain forest
Generally found in Forests can be found in all regions capable of sustaining tree growth Jungle may be found at the edges of forests
Definition Area with high density of trees Dense forest in a hot climate

Flora and Fauna

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