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Type of program A kernel is a low level program interfacing with the hardware (CPU, RAM, disks, network, ...) on top of which applications are running. It is the lowest level program. A shell is a command interpreter, i.e. the program that either process the command you enter in your terminal emulator (interactive mode) or process shell scripts (text files containing commands) (batch mode
what it does? Kernel Runs the Allocation and De-allocation Process. Maintains a Time table for all the Processes It interprets the commands the user types in and arranges for them to be carried out. The commands are themselves programs: when they terminate, the shell gives the user another prompt.
what is it actually? heart of operating systems shell is simply a software the gives a user interface
types Micro and Monolithic kernels. Hybrid kernels. exo kernels 1.Korn shell , 2.Bourne Shell , 3. C shell , 4.POSIX shell
functions 1. Memory Managemen 2. Process Management 3.Disk and File System Management 4. Networking Security 5.Graphical User Interface (GUI) 6.Device Driver Management 1.command aliasing & history , 2. file name substitution, 3.piping, variable substitution

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