A king is the ruler of a large kingdom whereas a prince is the ruler of a smaller area or principality. The word "prince" is also used to describe the son of a king or emperor.

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King versus Prince comparison chart
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Female ruler The female form is known as Queen. She can be the wife or mother of the King, or ruler of the Kingdom. The female form is the princess. She can be the daughter of the king & queen, or wife of the prince, or ruler of the principality.
Source of power Inheritance, by conquest or elected Inheritance
Modern rulers The King of Spain is an example. The Prince of Wales is an example.
About A king rules a kingdom, might be a part of an empire. A ruler of a principality.
Divine status Like Emperors, Kings may be considered Gods within their own Kingdom, alternatively they may reign by the Grace of God. Usually the son of an emperor, king, or ruling/crown prince.
Power For some power of Kings maximum in his kingdom, for others they may be vassels to a greater monarch. Some Kings, such as those in France and Britian ruled over far greater terretories than most Emperors. The prince's power is restricted to his province.
Politics Each kingdom has its boundary and it’s own politics and a king is the ruler that kingdom. Often a King will rule over several Kingdoms in a personal union, some such as the Kings of Great Britain also held the substitutiary title of Emperor of Indi Each principality has its boundary and it's own politics.

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