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Neo-Confucianism versus Protestantism comparison chart
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Place of worship Temple Church, chapel,
Founder Han Yu and Li Ao Martin Luther was the first Protestant.
Place of origin China Germany
Scriptures Analects of Confucius, Analects of Mencius, Doctrine of Mean, the I Ching Holy Bible, a collection of canonical books in two parts (the Old Testament and the New Testament) and does not include the apocrypha
Use of statues and pictures N/A. Not used
Practices Quiet sitting; reading the Analects; honouring family; worshipping ancestors. Regularly visit the church, especially on Sundays, Prayers, Sacraments, reading the Holy Bible, communion-partaking in the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, under the appearance of Bread and Wine.
Goal of religion An structured society. To love God and obey his commandments. To gain a relationship with Jesus Christ, live forever with Christ, spread the good word of God and to gain eternal salvation.
Literal Meaning New Confucianism Protestant - to 'protest'
Clergy Beaurocrats priests, monks, ministers, pastors
Means of salvation By honouring one's elders and ancestors, and following the teachings of Confucius. Through Christ's Death, and Resurrection-saved by faith alone, not through works
Human Nature Prone to anarchy. Must know one's place in society. "original sin" inherited from Adam, tendency towards evil, and the sins of the father pass through the son, therefore children are not holy.
Life after death To be worshipped by one's descendants and their families. Eternal Salvation in Heaven or Eternal Damnation in Hell.
Second coming of Jesus Not applicable, though they do have their own version of a coming promised figure. Affirmed
Rites Ceremonies Two sacraments: Baptism and Eucharist (not matrimony)
View of Animistic religions See no contradiction in following more than one religion. Pagan.
Identity of Jesus N/A. Son of God, God Incarnate, Savior of the world.
Death of Jesus N/A. Death by Crucifixion, Resurrection, and the Ascent to Heaven. He will return again.
God's role in salvation One must follow Ti'en (Heaven)'s will. Salvation is a completely free gift from the Lord and comes by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ only. This faith is demonstrated through accepting His message of selfless compassion and love.
Holy days/Official Holidays The Birthday of Confucius, and The Birthday of Shang Ti. Sunday, Christmas, Easter.
Promised Holy one. The Superior Man or Perfect Gentleman. The Lord Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah of Old Testament Prophecy; He Will Come again at the end of time, to Fulfill New Testament Prophecy.
Ressurection of Jesus N/A. affirmed
Goal of Philosophy A structured society. Eternal Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Status of Muhammad N/A. False Prophet
Belief of God Deist. All Protestants believe in the Trinity of God.
Authority of Pope N/A. N/A.
Religion which atheists may still be adherents of Yes. No.
Position of Mary N/A. Mother of God.
Praying to Saints,Mary, and Angel N/A. With the exception of Anglicans(Episcopalians) and quite possibly Lutherans, most Protestants do not believe that one needs to pray to Saints, Mary or Angels. Only pray to God the Father and God the Father alone.
Original Language Mandarin and/or Cantonese German
View of the Buddha Many Confucianists are also Buddhist. Buddha is viewed as a false deity.
imams identified as N/A. N/A.
Prophets Confucianists have sages, not prophets. Prophets are people Chosen By the Holy Spirit, to reveal His Message to humanity.
View of other Oriental religions Usually practiced alongside other Oriental religions, especially Taoism. N/A.
Use of statues N/A. Prohibited.
Concept of Deity One God, viewed in the same way that a Deist would view Him. believe in the Trinity; three persons in one Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Principle To know one's place in society. Because our first parents sinned, all human beings sin. So Christ Came down from Heaven to Save us from our sins.
Angels N/A. Angels are God's messengers.
Time of origin 772-841 Approx. 1500 A.D.
Geographical predominance Asia. North America and Europe
Status of women Inferior to men. Variable. Conservatives and liberals differ greatly.
Concept of God Deism. One God: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Virtue in which religion is based upon Respect Love

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