Sachin Tendulkar (India, right-handed) and Brian Lara (West Indies, left handed) are two of the best batsmen in cricketing history.

In a critique towards the tail end of Tendulkar's test career, Mukul Kesavan writing for ESPN CricInfo contrasted the last 25 test innings of both batsmen, arguing that Tendulkar's performance in the twilight of his career diminished his otherwise long and illustrious record:

But it is the comparison with Brian Lara, by common consensus Tendulkar's greatest batting contemporary and his closest contender for the title of the best batsman of the fin de siècle, that speaks most directly to the "dying of the light" argument. Look at Lara's last 25 innings. He averaged just under 45, more than ten runs an innings better than Tendulkar [Tendulkar averaged 28], but that's almost beside the point: it is his big scores that stand out. Lara hit two centuries and two double-centuries in his last year of Test match cricket.
Teams give ageing, inconsistent geniuses the benefit of the doubt because they believe they are still capable of match-turning bursts of inspiration. Lara repaid that faith; Tendulkar hasn't.

Comparison chart

Brian Lara versus Sachin Tendulkar comparison chart
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Brian LaraSachin Tendulkar
Batting style Left handed Right handed
Bowling style Right-arm leg-break Right-arm leg break/off break/medium
ODI Shirt Number 9 10
Full Name Brian Charles Lara Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
ODI Not Outs 32 41
ODI Debut 9 November 1990; (v Pakistan) 18 December 1989; (v. Pakistan)
Date of birth May 2, 1969 April 24, 1973
ODI Runs 10405 18,426
Role Batsman Batsman, part-time bowler
Sport Cricket Cricket
Country West Indies India
Test Debut 6 December 1990; (v Pakistan) 15 November 1989; (v Pakistan)
ODI Innings 289 431
ODI Matches 299 463
Test 50s 48 62
Test Centuries 34 51
Wickets (ODI) 4 159
ODI 50s 63 95
Batting Average (ODI) 40.48 45.16
ODI Centuries 19 49
Place of Birth Santa Cruz, Trinidad Mumbai (Bombay), India
Height 5 ft 8 in 5 ft 5 in
Batting Average (Tests) 52.88 56.25
Highest score (Tests) 400 not out 248 not out
Test Not Outs 6 40
Test Runs 11953 15,048
Test Innings 232 271
Test Matches 131 200
Domestic Team Prev. Trinidad and Tobago, Warwickshire, Transvaal Mumbai (prev. Yorkshire)
Highest score (ODI) 169 200 not out
ODI Double Centuries 0 1

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