A California king size bed, or "Western king," is narrower and longer than a standard, a.k.a."Eastern," king size bed. Though California king beds have become more common over time, they are still rarer than standard king size beds. This means California king beds and their accessories are usually more expensive than standard king beds.

Comparison chart

California King Size versus King Size comparison chart
Edit this comparison chartCalifornia King SizeKing Size
Width 72 inches (183 cm) 76 inches (193 cm)
Length 84 inches (214 cm) 80 inches (203 cm)
Width per person 36 inches (91 cm) per person 38 inches (96.5 cm) per person
Cost California kings may cost a little more than king size beds and their accessories (e.g., sheets) may be harder to find and therefore more expensive. Since a king size bed is larger, it is more expensive and mattresses in this size may also cost more compared to queen beds.
Usage California king size are usually found in master bedrooms. King size beds are usually found in master bedrooms.
Space economy A California king size bed is larger than a queen size bed. It is longer but narrower compared to a regular king size bed. A king size bed is fairly large compared to the queen or full size bed.
Also Known As Western King (in Europe) Eastern King (in Europe) or standard king


A standard "Eastern" king bed is 76 inches (193 cm) wide and 80 inches (203 cm) long. Standard California ("Western") king beds actually have the same area, but they are narrower and longer, measuring 72" x 84" (183 cm x 214 cm). They essentially trade four inches (10 cm) in width for an extra four inches in length.

In the following video, a sales trainer explains mattress sizes for the benefit of mattress salespersons in training:

Non-Standard Dimensions

A graphical representation of the various standard bed sizes available in the U.S.
A graphical representation of the various standard bed sizes available in the U.S.


There should be at least two feet (61 cm) of walkable space around a bed frame in a room. As such, neither king size beds nor California king beds are very practical for the bedrooms found in most apartments and small homes, where queen or full size beds tend to be more appropriate.

Ultimately, California king beds are not too different from standard king size beds, but some may appreciate their slightly different dimensions. For people who are over six feet (183 cm) tall, the extra length of a California king can feel nice. California king beds may also function and look better in rooms that are long and narrow.

For couples who want to stay close while sleeping, a California king is the better option. Those who like their space should buy a standard king bed.


Though more common than they once were, California king beds are not as common as standard kings. This can make purchasing box-springs, bed frames, and even sheets and comforters for a California king bed more difficult and costly. If affordability is more important than the dimensional differences between these two types of beds, stick with a standard king.


California king beds date back to the 1960s in Los Angeles, California, where they were found in luxurious mansions. In more recent years, the California king has become competitive on an international level. In Europe, these beds are often known as Western king beds and compete with the standard Eastern king bed. Though the common naming conventions are slightly different, the dimensions of these beds are the same as those found in the U.S. that are known as standard kings and California kings.


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