Detailed debate on this topic has been running for over two decades. The Cutter Rambles' 2010 post[1] provided a timely reminder of what was good (and bad) about the debut album of each artist.

The comparative table below details some lesser known facts about both of these 20th century rap megastars, including several eerie similarities that they share with Nick Knowles.[2]

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MC Hammer versus Vanilla Ice comparison chart
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MC HammerVanilla Ice
Real Name Stanley Kirk Burrell Robert Matthew Van Winkle
Boldest Claim Invented rap Dated Madonna
Self evaluation of microphone skills "Magic on the mic" "Rock the mic like a vandal"
Number of times MC uses own name in their most famous track (that number as a percentage of all words in the song) U Can't Touch This = 9 (1.8%) Ice, Ice Baby = 38 (6.1%)
Most like Nick Knowles Both Knowles and Burrell were born in 1962. Neither of them have ever recorded an album on the "SBK" label Hosts US DIY programme "The Vanilla Ice Project" where the team renovate different houses alike to Knowles' "DIY SOS". Ice goes "crazy when he hears ... a hi-hat", Knowles collects top hats.
Self-promotional fictional narratives Animated childrens' series running for 13 episodes in 1991 entitled "Hammerman" "Cool as Ice" - musical-romance film with Ice starring as a "freewheeling, motorcycling rapper".
Who's up in their grill? 3rd Bass took "potshots" at MC Hammer in their 1989 record "The Cactus Album." Dissed by Jay-Z in 2010. Beef with Vanilla Ice in 1991 when MC Hammer refused to take on Vanilla Ice in a dance off. 3rd Bass dissed Ice on their 1991 hit "Pop Goes the Weasel" In addition, love/hate relationship with Eminem continues. Beef with Hammer in 91 when he refused to take on Ice in a dance off.
Preferred mode of transport Two hype feet 5.0
Animals Established Oaktown Stable which trained nineteen thoroughbred racehorses. Ice was fined $220 in 2004 when it was discovered that the permits for his escaped pets; wallaroo "Bucky Buckaroo" and goat "Pancho" had expired
Number of followers on Twitter, as of 14th June 2012 2,735,156 91,931
Lyrical Wanderlust "Toured around the world from London to the bay." "Yo, so I continued to A1A Beachfront Avenue"

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