Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton are two of the greatest rock and roll music artists. Some argue they have similar musical styles.

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Eric ClaptonMark Knopfler
Born 30 March 1945, Ripley, Surrey, England 12 August 1949, Glasgow, Scotland
Genres Rock music, Blues-rock, Hard rock, Psychedelic rock Roots rock, celtic rock, country, blues rock
Occupations Musician, singer-songwriter, artist Musician, songwriter, record producer, film score composer
Instruments Guitar, vocals Guitar, vocals
Years active 1962–present 1978–present
Labels Warner Bros., Reprise, Polydor, RSO, Atco, Apple, Deram Vertigo, Mercury, Warner
Associated acts The Yardbirds, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Powerhouse, Cream, Free Creek, Dire Straits, George Harrison, The Dirty Mac, Blind Faith, Sheryl Crow, Freddie King, J.J. Cale, The Plastic Ono Band, Delaney, Bonnie & Friends, Derek and the Dom Dire Straits, The Notting Hillbillies, Jimmy Nail, Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Bryan Ferry, John Ilsley, Chet Atkins, Randy Newman, Van Morrison, B.B. King, Brendan Crocker, James Taylor, James Taylor, Aztec Camera, Eric Clapton, Waylon Jennings, Bill Wa
Introduction (from Wikipedia) Eric Patrick Clapton, CBE (born 30 March 1945) is an English blues-rock guitarist, singer, songwriter and composer. Clapton is the only person who has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times. Mark Knopfler OBE (born 12 August 1949) is a British guitarist, singer, songwriter, record producer and film score composer.
Birth name Eric Patrick Clapton Mark Freuder Knopfler
Origin Ripley, England Newcastle, England

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Clapton has been inducted in the controversial Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 3 times; as a solo performer (in 2000), as well as a member of rock bands the Yardbirds (in 1992) and Cream (1993).

Mark Knopfler was inducted in 2018 as part of Dire Straits. But neither Knopfler nor his bandmate drummer Pick Withers attended the ceremony. Knopfler did not even publicly acknowledge the induction at all.

Joint Performances

Here's a video of Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler performing Sultans of Swing together:

And here's a joint performance of Cocaine (1998):

Order of the British Empire

Clapton (CBE) and Knopfler (OBE) are both members of the Order of the British Empire. The CBE is a more senior class in this order than the OBE.


Both artists have a vast discography that they have amassed over their musical careers. You can browse Mark Knopfler albums and Clapton's music on Amazon MP3 or iTunes.


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