A sunroof is an operable metal panel in a car roof that slides back to let in light and air. A moonroof is a similar panel, but its panel is made of glass and can let light in even when closed. The term "moonroof" was coined by Ford in the 70s but is now used generically to describe glass-panel inbuilt electric sunroofs in vehicles by all manufacturers.

To use the moonroof in light-only mode, all you need to do is slide back the fabric-covered panel to expose the glass.

Comparison chart

Moonroof versus Sunroof comparison chart
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Examples The 2013 Toyota Corolla Levin ZR has a Moon roof tinted bronze to match the car paint. Fixed in position full length of the passengers front & rear compartment. This has an electrically operated hood lining panel. The 2012 Ford Titanium Focus has a mildly tinted green sun roof. It tilts up at the back or slides open with hood lining panel underneath manually closed. Located above the driver and front passenger only.

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