Hosted shopping cart solutions are popular for setting up an online store because of their ease of use, manageability, and scalability. PinnacleCart and Shopify are two of the leading hosted shopping cart platforms that offer very similar features to their customers. Both companies also provide professional services which include web design and development, digital marketing, graphic design and other web service needs of their customers.

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PinnacleCart versus Shopify comparison chart
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Introduction PinnacleCart is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that is built to take every startup online store to an enterprise level. It is the only shopping cart platform to be 100% scalable and customizable, all the way down to the source code. Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables individuals and businesses to create online stores.
Year founded 2003 2004
Services offered Web development, marketing, web design, hosting, order management, customer service Web development, marketing, web design, hosting, order management, 24/7 Shopify customer service
Entry level price Startup $29.95/month Basic $13/month
Number of Products Unlimited (any plan) Unlimited (any plans)
Unlimited Bandwidth Yes Yes
Cart Recovery Tool Yes Yes (for $54+ plans)
Multi-currency Support Yes No
Multi-language Support Yes No
Drop Shipping Yes No
Flat Rate Shipping Yes Yes
Weight Based Shipping Yes Yes
Live Rate Shipping Yes Yes
Real Time Shipping Quotes Yes Yes
Premium Service Option Yes, Enterprise Solutions for $249 Yes, Enterprise Solutions for $249
Credit Card Fee Charge None (any plan) For Basic plan, 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction
Hosting Level 1 PCI Compliant Data Center Rackspace
Dedicated IP Address Yes No
Design 30+ free templates, options for paid premium templates 6 free templates; more paid options from $80 to $180
Contract Required No No
Mobile Commerce Option Yes Yes
Gift Cards Option Yes Yes
Expert Help Available Yes Yes
Customer Account Creation Yes Yes
Blogging No Yes
Customer Profiles Yes Yes
Coupon and Discount Code Generator Yes Yes
Location Phoenix, Arizona Ottawa, Canada


PinnacleCart and Shopify offer different pricing plans that are based on a monthly subscription fee. Both providers boasts 0% transaction fees. However, Shopify charges a separate 2.17% fee plus $0.30 cents for each credit card transactions. PinnacleCart doesn’t charge extra percentage or transaction fees.

Shopify offers a "lite" plan for $9 that lets you sell on Facebook or add products to an existing website. But Shopify's most popular plans that include website hosting start at $29 for "Basic Shopify" to $299 for "Advanced Shopify".

Shopify pricing chart.
Shopify pricing chart.

PinnacleCart pricing has 4 tiers, beginning at $30 per month for their "start up" level to $150 per month for the enterprise tier.

PinnacleCart pricing tiers
PinnacleCart pricing tiers

Premium Features

Both PinnacleCart and Shopify platforms offer premium plans but when comparing the two, they vary greatly on pricing and features. PinnacleCart’s Enterprise Plan starts at $249 per month while Shopify’s Plus plan starts at $2,000 per month. Let’s see which one comes out on top by taking a look how both premium plans differ in features:

Comparing the premium features of Shopify and PinnacleCart
Comparing the premium features of Shopify and PinnacleCart


Shopify offers six free, mobile-friendly templates to start with paid templates that range from $80 to $180. PinnacleCart provides 30 free, mobile-friendly templates and a selection of premium paid themes that start at $199.

Free Trial

PinnacleCart and Shopify both offer free software trials. PinnacleCart has a 14-day free trial while Shopify’s is 30-day. Neither company requires a credit card or contract to try their platforms.


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