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Russ Feingold versus Terrence Wall comparison chart
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Position on Energy Works towards reducing prices at pumps and home, generating electricity from renewable sources and energy efficiency. Believes in simultaneous and complementary progress of economic growth and environmental protection
Political Party Democratic Republican
Preceded by Bob Kasten -
Spouse(s) Sue Feingold (divorced) Mary Feingold (divorced) Helen Wall
Residence Middleton, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin
Alma Mater University of Wisconsin, Madison Magdalen College (University of Oxford) Harvard Law School U University of Wisconsin Wisconsin School of Business
Occupation Attorney Real Estate Developer
Religion Jewish Catholic
Current Position United States Senator from Wisconsin Chairman & CEO of T Wall properties Chairman & CEO of DaneVest Tech Fund
Serves on committees Budget, Judiciary, Intelligence and Foreign Relations. -
Position on health care Supports the healthcare bill passed in March 2010. Advocates universal health care for the nation and encourages single payer model. Advocates health insurance portability, greater transparency and enable small business buying pools.
Position on economy Focuses on investing in the country’s workforce, buying American goods, fixing flawed trade contracts and protecting the tax payers. He has established the E-4 initiative. Believes in job creation and involvement of the public in community development.

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