The Wii and the Xbox are two of the most popular video game consoles, along with the Sony PlayStation 3.

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Wii versus Xbox comparison chart
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CPU IBM PowerPC-based "Broadway" Custom 733 MHz Intel Pentium III Coppermine-based processor
Generation 7th generation console Sixth generation era
Manufacturer Nintendo Microsoft
Online services Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection WiiConnect24 Wii Shop Channel Xbox Live
Media 12 cm Wii Optical Disc 8 cm Nintendo GameCube Game Disc, Downloads DVD, CD
Successor Wii U Xbox 360
Motion Sensing Wii Remote: Wii Remote (up to 4 Controllers) Wii MotionPlus (merged into Wii Remote Plus) Nunchuk attachment Sensor Bar: Infrared LED per controllers Kinect
Controller input Wii Remote, Wii Balance Board, Nintendo GameCube controller, Wii Classic Controller Pro 4 maximum (wired)
Type Family In Home Game Console Video game console
Storage capacity 512 MB Internal flash memory SD card, SDHC card Nintendo GameCube Memory Card 8 or 10 GB internal HDD (both formatted to 8 GB) 8 MB memory card
Graphics ATI "Hollywood" 233 MHz nVidia NV2A
Connectivity Wi-Fi Bluetooth 2 × USB 2.0 LAN Adapter (via USB) 100Mbit Ethernet, 4xUSB 2.0
Developer Nintendo Microsoft
Wireless networking Wi-Fi Yes (add-on)
Product family Wii Xbox
Backward compatibility Nintendo GameCube, Virtual Console 360, One
Price $129.99 Starting at $279
Video Output Component/D-Terminal, Composite, S-Video, SCART HDMI
Resolutions 480p, 480i, 576i 720p, 1080p or 4K UHD
Release date November 19th 2006 November 15, 2001
Display 480p 720p
Camera NO Camera Xbox Kinect(not included with Xbox purchase)
Weight 1 LB 7.8 lbs
Free online play Yes Yes

Wii vs Xbox sales figures

As of late June, Nintendo had sold 52.6 million Wii consoles; and said it expects to sell another 23.8 million by the March 2010 fiscal year end. Meanwhile, Microsoft had sold 31 million Xbox 360 consoles as of late August.

Xbox and Wii price drops

Nintendo announced a price drop to $200 for the Wii in September 2009. Sony reduced the price of its top-of-the-line PlayStation 3 by $100 to $300 in August, sparking big sales gains. Microsoft also reduced the cost of the most expensive Xbox 360 and the newest consoile, Xbox One.

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