As pure gold is too soft for everyday wear, gold jewelry often also contains other metals, such as silver, copper, nickel or zinc, to make the piece more durable. The karatage shows how much of the metal is pure gold, compared to other metals. 24k is 100% gold, while 18k is 75% gold, and 14k is 58.3% gold.

Comparison chart

14k Gold versus 18k Gold comparison chart
Edit this comparison chart14k Gold18k Gold
Percentage of gold 58.3% 75%
Also known as 583 gold 750 gold
Value Less expensive More expensive than 14k gold
Vividness of color Less vivid More vivid than 14k gold, duller than 24k
Resistance More resistant to tarnishing Less resistant to tarnishing
Common Uses normal jewelry Fine jewelry, electronics
Gold Market in Dubai
Gold Market in Dubai

Difference in Appearance

It is almost impossible to tell the difference between 14k gold and 18k gold just by looking at them. However, experts say that the yellow color of 18k gold is more rich and vivid than in 14k gold.


14k gold is the most common type of gold in the US, and is used in approximately 90% of wedding bands. It is preferable for people who live more physically active lifestyles, as it is more durable than 18k gold.

18k gold is the most common type of gold used in Europe and Asia. As it is less resistant than 14k gold, it shows marks after less rough use.

Other Terms

As 14k gold is 58.3% gold, in Europe it can also be referred to as 583 gold. 18k gold can be referred to as 750 gold.


The price of gold jewelry varies, but as 18k contains more gold than 14k, it is always more expensive. Both are always less expensive than 24k gold and platinum.

The value of 14k gold is calculated by multiplying its pennyweight by .583, dividing the current spot gold price by the number of pennyweights per ounce, and then multiplying the two values together.

The value of 18k gold can be calculated by multiplying the pennyweight by .750 and then following the same steps as above.


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