The difference between easy and efficient. Easy refers to the effort required by a person to realize an intended goal and efficient refers to the performance of a function in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort and cost. Easy is a function of persons capability; knowledge, experience and skill. Efficiency is a function of implementation. Efficient may not always be easy depending on the required capability.

Comparison chart

Easy versus Efficiency comparison chart
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Meaning Efficiency is about doing things in an optimal way, for example doing it the fastest or in the least expensive way. It could be the wrong thing, but it was done optimally.
Effort oriented Yes
Process Oriented Yes
Goal oriented Yes
Time oriented Yes
Definition Being effective without wasting effort
As it relates to frozen pizza Bake it directly on the oven rack, then slide it onto the box it came in, and eat it in one piece without cutting it.

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