Lego and Mega Bloks have inspired an entire subculture of fascinating designs built with their plastic building blocks. While Lego bricks are more expensive, they are usually considered to be higher quality. Some of the building blocks from the two brands are compatible.

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Lego versus Mega Bloks comparison chart
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LegoMega Bloks
Type of Toy Construction Set Construction Set
Manufacturer The Lego Company Mega Brands, Inc.
Headquarters Denmark Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Inventor/Key People Ole Kirk Christiansen, Hilary 'Harry' Fisher Marc Bertrand, CEO Vic Bertrand, COO
Release 1949 1967
Origin Denmark Canada
Cost More expensive Less expensive
Color Various (non metallic) Various (including metallic and camo)
Games Yes No
Retail Yes yes
Theme Parks Yes No
Themes Angry Birds, Star Wars, DC and Marvel comics superheros, Disney Princess, Ghostbusters, Jurassic World, Legons of Chima, Mindstorms, Minecraft, Nexo knights, Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons Star Trek, American Girl, Call of Duty, Despicable Me, Destiny, Halo, Hello Kitty, Jeep, John Deer, Monster High, Sponge bob Squarepants, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4 options), Thomas and Friends, Hot Wheels
A kid playing with Mega Bloks
A kid playing with Mega Bloks


Standard Lego bricks are significantly smaller than standard Megabloks bricks. However, Megablocks micro bricks are compatible with Lego. Lego bricks are also considered more durable and higher quality.


Lego hold the rights to several popular themes, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Super Hero ranges (Marvel and DC) and Pirates of the Caribbean. Lego offers the Duplo range for younger children. Upcoming Lego products include new minifigures on a Batman and Spiderman theme.

Mega Bloks offers themed products including Power Rangers, Hello Kitty, Halo, Moshi Monsters, Starcraft and World of Warcraft. Mega Bloks also offers a “first builders” range for younger children.


A basic tub of 500 pieces of Mega Bloks costs $26.99 on the official website. A tub of 480 “Bricks and More” Lego bricks costs $29.99 on

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There are many different competitions built around Lego, especially using Lego robotic sets. These include Botball, a national U.S. middle and high-school competition, and the FIRST Lego League for students aged 9-14. Many areas also hold less formal Lego-building competitions. No information on similar competitions using Mega Bloks could be found.


Kiddicraft was a toy company founded in 1932 by Hilary 'Harry' Fisher Page (1904–1957). The company is notable for the releasing of the predecessor of the Lego bricks, the Self-locking Bricks.

LEGO reprised the design of the Kiddicraft brick after examining a sample given to them by the British supplier of the first injection moulding machine they had purchased. Page was never aware of this, and his daughter has stated that she "was relieved that my father never knew about Lego before he died.” Lego eventually acquired the rights to Kiddicraft in 1981 prior to beginning litigation against Tyco.

The history of Lego, its founder and its origins as a company are captured in this inspiring animated video:

Legal Issues

Lego has filed several law suits against Mega Bloks due to the company’s use of a “studs and tubes” interlocking brick system that violates Lego’s trademarks. In 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada allowed Mega Bloks to continue selling the product in Canada, and in 2008, the EU made a similar decision. Lego’s patent on its bricks has now expired.


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