This is an unbiased comparison of the political positions and policies of senate election candidates. Maria Cantwell and Michael Baumgartner in Washington. Cantwell is a Democrat and Baumgartner is a Republican.

Cantwell defeated Baumgartner to win re-election.

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Maria Cantwell versus Michael Baumgartner comparison chart
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Maria CantwellMichael Baumgartner
Preceded by Slade Gorton Chris Marr
Born Maria E. Cantwell, (1958-10-13) October 13, 1958 (age 53), Indianapolis, Indiana Pullman, Washington
Political party Democratic Republican
Spouse(s) None Eleanor Mayne
Residence Edmonds, Washington Spokane, Washington
Alma mater Miami University (B.A.) Washington State University, Harvard University
Occupation software executive United States Military Economic Advisor, State Department Embedded Counternarcotics Advisor
Religion Roman Catholic Catholic
Website Campaign:
Introduction (from Wikipedia) Maria E. Cantwell (born October 13, 1958) is the junior United States Senator from the state of Washington and a member of the Democratic Party. Michael Baumgartner is a Republican member of the Washington State Senate.
Logo of Republican and Democratic parties
Logo of Republican and Democratic parties

Economic Policy

Tax Policy

Social Security

Healthcare Policy

Social Policy



Gay Rights

Education Policy

Differences in Foreign Policy

Position on Iran

Energy Policy


The first debate was held on October 12, 2012, broadcast on KCTS 9 Television and sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Washington. An analysis of the debate is available here and here.

Opinion Polls

Poll source Date(s) administered Maria Cantwell (D) Michael Baumgartner (R)
Public Policy Polling February 16–19, 2012 51% 36%


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