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Martha KaruaPeter Kenneth
Constituency Gichugu Constituency Gatanga Constituency
Born (1957-09-22) September 22, 1957 (age 55) (1965-11-27) 27 November 1965 (age 46)
Political party NARC Kenya National Congress
Alma mater University of Nairobi University of Nairobi
Profession Magistrate Banker
Religion Christianity Christianity
Hansard appearances (via Mzalendo) Good. Frequently spoke in parliament, 375 times in the last six months Neutral. Sometimes spoke in parliament, 24 times in the last six months
CDF Performance (via Mzalendo) (No Data) Zero money has been badly spent, wasted or is unaccounted for in this constituency
Contactability (number of different ways a citizen can contact or hear from their MP eg. postal address, email, phone, a website, social media. Measure of availability to electorate) via Mzalendo Good. There are many ways to reach this person Good. There are many ways to reach this person
Policy on Economy Job creation & Moral Economy: Seal loopholes in financial sector; Government fiscal discipline; Reduce income tax burden by broadening tax bracket; Reduce national debt. Protect workers, reduce capital flight; incentivize domestic job creators Has listed 4 drivers. Tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and technology
Policy on Security Humanize our Police service through comprehensive reforms in entry qualifications, terms, equipment, and continuous professional training Prioritize National Policy for Peace building & Conflict Management; Fast track global police:population acceptable ratio.
Development Plans Infrastructure: Expand on transport, water, ICT and energy. Clean, renewable energy for industry and homes. Increase household connectivity from 12% to 50% in 5years. Water security Infrastructure- focus on energy, transport, water and ICT.Environment- strict implementation of conventions; Manage oil reserves; Reduce land fragmentation
Policy on Health Care Cost-effective universal health care. Strengthen focus on public education, preventive medicine and institutional recovery. Prioritize infectious diseases, maternal and child health. Increased focus on lifestyle diseases; Increase spending in health to at least 15% of Gov expenditure; Referral hospital in all counties in 3 years. Universal health care access incl SRH; Improved- HIV/ AIDS, TB, malaria, child & maternal health care
Policy on Education Responsive, comprehensive education. Deliver education as experience & as positive response to industry &society needs. Invest in middle-level colleges, revamp & broaden scope of Youth Polytechnics, and revamp research support public institutions. Reform w/ focus on output to the market/ labor force. Polytechnic in all counties. More budgetary allocations for equitable access; Better access to post-primary ed.; enhance employability of pry school leavers; Increase investment in post-pry ed.

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